WWE Total Divas 8/25/13 Report

Total Divas

Total Divas – 25th August 2013:

The show opens up with Jo Jo applying bronzer to Eva Marie before going down to the gym to work out. Jo Jo locks Eva in a headlock. Joe (Roman Reigns) comes into the gym and they introduce themselves to him. Eva says guys like him are the reason she wears bronzer to the gym.

Then, things head over to Natalya’s house. Her and TJ are swimming in the pool. TJ’s Mom calls. Then, Natalya talks about how it’s her birthday week, but she is not looking forward to spending time with the Mother in law from hell. TJ gets off the phone and says that his mom has insisted on them staying with her while they’re in Calgary.

Stuff heads to New York and Ariane comes into Trinity’s hotel room. Ariane wants to go shopping with Trinity, but Trinity just wants to chill for the day. Trinity says they met in NXT and hit it off good. Ariane tries to convince her to shop but Trinity says she’s okay with herself

Brie and Nikki are then shown backstage. They film a backstage segment for the WWE app with the Funkadactyls. After that, the Bellas say they are going to their Nana’s house for the weekend. Nikki says she doesn’t want to see her father and that they’re relationship is strained based on their past.

Nattie is then shown. She talks about being excited to be in her hometown for RAW because she has a match. Then, clips from her match are shown. Nattie says the Bellas taught her how to be a diva and she taught them how to wrestle. Then, Nattie and TJ are shown checking into a hotel room. They talk about where they’re going to eat dinner and TJ’s Mom calls.

Nattie says his Mom is nice, but wants TJ all to herself. She says it’s her birthday and she wants to spend time with him. TJ goes into the bathroom, talking to his Mom. He leaves to go stay with his Mom, leaving her alone in the hotel.

Back from commercial and Ariane and Trinity and their boyfriends are at a boutique opening. Trinity says being in the ring is more important than the glitz and the glam. She wants to leave.

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John Cena and Nikki are in Tampa at Cena’s house. Nikki comments on a picture and doesn’t know who FDR is. Cena tries to teach Nikki some Chinese. He tries to teach her how to order red wine at a restaurant. Cena asks about her dad. He tells her she shouldn’t hold a grudge. She says she doesn’t want to forgive him in case it happens again. He encourages her to sit down and talk to her dad.

Things head back to Calgary Nattie, TJ’s Mom and TJ are going to have lunch. They meet TJ’s sister at the restaurant. While they’re eating Nattie says it’s hard to have time to see everybody when they come to Calgary. TJ’s sister says they need to have kids. TJ’s Mom says no. Nattie talks about how she butts heads with his Mom because she wants to be the most important girl in his life.

Brie and Nikki are then in the gym. Nikki says she feels like they need to reach out to their dad and asks Brie to come with her. Brie says she will definitely be there.

Then, things head over to NXT. Trinity says her and Ariane need a new dance routine. Trinity wants to do a flippy splits move and Ariane asks her to slow down. Ariane says that Trinity needs to work the camera more. Trinity says that it’s dance practice and that part can come later. Trinity says that they need to do more than prance around and Ariane says they need to think up something else.

Back from commercial Nikki and Brie pulls up to her Nana’s house. Nikki says that her Nana was always her inspiration. They then are shown saying grace before eating. Brie talks about how their grandfather passed away and a bit about her personality.

Then, Nattie goes to her friend Jared’s tanning salon in Calgary. She says that Jared helped her out with amateur wrestling. He tans her and then she talks about how long she’s known him. They seem pretty flirty together.

Then, Nikki, Brie and their brother go to their grandfather’s grave. Nikki says that their father left them when they were 15, so their grandfather raised them. Nikki says she is sad that her grandfather will never get to meet John and thinks they would have been great friends.

Things head back to Calgary and TJ calls Nattie to meet her in the library. TJ tells her that they’re going to eat at his sister’s for her birthday. Nattie is disappointed and tells him that she is going back up to her room. She goes back up and TJ leaves to his sister’s house.

Then, Ariane, Trinity, Eva Marie and Jo Jo all go go-karting together. Ariane says she wins everything. Then, they’re shown driving around the track. Trinity came in fourth, Jo Jo in third, Eva in second and Ariane in first. Trinity tells her congrats and Ariane tells her to be more sincere. Trinity keeps telling her to calm down and stop being a sore loser. They start fighting Trinity tells her to shut up. Ariane walks away, still arguing. They push each other and Trinity shoves Ariane’s face.

Back from commercial and Ariane and Trinity are shown fighting again. Trinity says she isn’t scared of Ariane.

Nattie then meets for dinner with Jared. He reserved a whole section of the restaurant so they could eat alone. Nattie talks about how she feels sometimes that TJ takes her for granted. Jared tries to tell her she should be happy. He says he and Nattie have a connection and says he has feelings for her. He says he wanted to tell her since it may be his last chance.

Things head back to California. Nikki set up a meeting between herself, her siblings and their father. Their father walks up and greets them all. Nikki says she wants to leave and doesn’t like being there.

Back from commercial and the Bellas are shown meeting with their father. Their father says she doesn’t understand what is wrong between him and Nikki. She says he is selfish and that she never had a relationship with her father because of how he acted. Nikki says that she thought of her grandfather like her dad. She says she is deeply hurt by him.

Their father says there is no excuse for the things he did and that he hates himself for it. He says that he is very sorry and just wants to makes things better. He says he will try hard to make things better. Nikki says it feels like a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Then, Ariane and Trinity are shown talking to WWE officials about what happened. There is a bunch of arguing and the Funkadactyls both don’t want to work with each other anymore. A meeting with Stephanie McMahon is set up. Ariane is freaking out.

Back from commercial and Ariane and Trinity are meeting with Stephanie. They both give their side to the story and Stephanie says it’s not okay. She says that she will not tolerate unprofessionalism. Stephanie then says she is going to give them both a chance to work in singles competition. Ariane and Trinity are given their matches and then both go to get ready.

Clips from RAW are then shown. The Bellas are watching John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Kane facing The Shield. Nikki says she gets turned on watching John wrestle and that she wants to bite his butt…

Then, clips from Trinity’s match against Alicia Fox are shown. All the Total Divas girls are watching the match backstage. Nattie says that Trinity looks winded. Trinity botches a crossbody from the top rope.

Back from commercial and Ariane says she is ready for her match. She comes out and clips are shown from her match. Trinity says she thinks Ariane wasn’t focused. After the match Trinity walks up to Ariane and apologizes. They both cry and realize they don’t like working apart. They hug and say they need to fix what’s going on between them. Ariane says being with Trinity as a partner has helped her grown. They talk about what they both bring to their team and decide to get back together to end the show.

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