WWE “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” Results 2020

The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules 2020 - Wyatt Swamp Fight - Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt
The Horror Show At WWE Extreme Rules 2020 – Wyatt Swamp Fight – Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

– The Kickoff pre-show for WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view opens up live from WWE TV studios in Stamford, Connecticut with a quick promo before host Scott Stanford welcomes us. He’s joined by Peter Rosenberg. They go over tonight’s card. Kevin Owens vs. Murphy will take place during tonight’s Kickoff.

– We get a promo for tonight’s non-title Wyatt Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman. Renee Young is joined via video chat by WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and JBL. We get more talk on the Swamp Fight and Stanford sends us to Kayla Braxton. She’s with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. They talk about tonight’s Tables Match and introduce a WWE Hall of Famer who they’ve called on for help – WWE Producer D-Von Dudley. D-Von, Big E and Kofi Kingston talk about how to win a Tables Match and D-Von says it’s simple – just put your opponent through a table. We go back to the hosts and they send us to a video package on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. Rosenberg has big praise for the champs. Stanford talks about tonight’s matches – Nikki Cross vs. Bayley and Banks vs. RAW Women’s Champion Asuka.

– Stanford sends us to Charly Caruso at the Performance Center. She’s with Bobby Lashley and MVP, who is still carrying the new WWE United States Title belt. He won’t say how much money he spent on the new belt. Caruso asks about facing the true champion tonight but Lashley interrupts and runs Apollo Crews down for not showing up to work. MVP also takes shots at Crews and is confident about becoming champion once again. MVP and Lashley walk off as Caruso send it back to Stanford and Rosenberg. We get a promo and discussion for tonight’s “Eye For An Eye” match. Stanford and Rosenberg send us to ringside.

– We’re live on a slight tape delay from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe.

Kevin Owens vs. Murphy

The music hits and out first comes Kevin Owens for tonight’s opener. Murphy is out next by himself as the developmental trainees in the crowd boo him.

The bell rings and Murphy quickly charges but Owens avoids it and unloads with offense into the corner. Murphy kicks Owens and stuns him to one knee. Owens comes back with a big right hand and more. They trade punches and kicks in the middle of the ring now. Murphy blocks a second Stunner attempt and drops Owens with a flying knee for a 2 count.

More back and forth between the two. Murphy applies a Sleeper to slow Owens down as the crowd rallies. Owens rams Murphy back into the corner and breaks free. Murphy comes off the second rope but Owens kicks him and drops him with a DDT but they’re both down and Owens is slow to recover, failing to make the cover. They both get up and Owens ducks a clothesline. Owens with an inverted Atomic Drop and a huge clothesline to turn Murphy inside out. Owens goes for the senton but Murphy gets his knees up.

Murphy misses a splash in the corner. Owens slams him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Owens with the corner cannonball for a pop and a close 2 count. Owens with a big chop in the corner, and another. Owens takes Murphy back to the top and chops him. Owens climbs up for a superplex but it’s blocked. Murphy rocks Owens and sends him to the mat. Murphy follows up with a flying Meteora for a close 2 count. Murphy is slow to capitalize and Owens rocks him with a right hand. Owens catches a kick and kicks Murphy on the thigh. Murphy blocks a Pop-Up Powerbomb and a superkick. Owens keeps fighting but Murphy drops him with big knees. Murphy with a Brainbuster for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

Murphy ends up beating Owens down in the corner. Murphy takes Owens to the top for a superplex but Owens resists. Owens headbutts Murphy to the mat. Murphy comes back with a kick to the face. Murphy climbs back up for a superplex but Owens continues to resist. Owens sends Murphy to the mat on his face. Owens hits a huge springboard moonsault for a close 2 count. Murphy rolls to the apron. Owens comes for him but gets dropped over the top rope neck-first. Murphy goes to the top but has to roll through. Owens comes right back with a superkick and then the Stunner for the pin to win.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– After the match, Owens recovers as the music hits. We go to replays. Owens celebrates some as we go back to the panel.

– Stanford and Rosenberg discuss tonight’s RAW Women’s Title match next. They send us back to the three-way video call with Renee Young, JBL and Booker T. Renee also hypes tomorrow’s Unsanctioned Match on RAW between Randy Orton and Big Show. We get more hype for RAW and Extreme Rules. Stanford sends us to a video package for tonight’s WWE Title match. Rosenberg continues taking shots at Stanford, as he has done all evening, but Stanford interrupts him to sign off. That’s it for the Kickoff.

– WWE’s 2020 “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view opens up with a video package for tonight’s matches.

– We’re live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on a slight tape delay as Michael Cole welcomes us to “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view. He’s joined by Corey Graves. The WWE NXT developmental trainees cheer from the crowd.

Tables Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The New Day

We go right to the ring and out first come SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day – Big E and Kofi Kingston. There are tables all over the arena. Cole says this match is presented by Snickers and Dollar General. Greg Hamilton does the ring introductions. Out next is Cesaro. He stops on the stage and waits for his partner – Shinsuke Nakamura. They head to the ring together.

The bell rings and both teams start brawling. Cesaro takes Kofi to one corner and Nakamura takes Big E to the other. They take turns on the champs but The New Day quickly turns it around high impact moves for a pop from the crowd. Kofi and Big E bring the first table into the ring but the challengers stop them at ringside. Cesaro sends Kofi into the Plexiglas barrier. Big E fights Nakamura off and sends him into the barrier. Big E whips Kofi into Nakamura, dropping him with a dropkick into the barrier. Cesaro gets a low dropkick next, into the steel steps while he’s down next to them.

Kofi sends Cesaro face-first into the barrier while Big E stands a table up on the floor. Kofi unloads on Cesaro with strikes and a headbutt. Big E rocks Cesaro next. Big E puts Cesaro on his shoulders. Kofi looks to jump from the apron to put Cesaro through the ringside table but Nakamura makes the save and levels Kofi with a big kick. Cesaro drops Big E on the floor and slams the steps on him. Kofi gets double teamed in the ring now after Nakamura stands a table up.

They take Kofi to the top and work him over with strikes. They look to double superplex Kofi through the table but Big E makes the save, knocking Cesaro to the floor. Big E is ready to powerbomb Nakamura through the table as Kofi climbs to the top but Nakamura fights free. Cesaro presses Kofi high on the apron but Kofi slides down. Big E runs the ropes and hits a big Spear, sending Cesaro from the apron to the floor for a pop. Kofi kicks Nakamura from the apron to the floor. Big E drags a table to the bottom of the ramp now. Kofi works Cesaro over, then places him on top of the table. The champs return to the ring while Cesaro is still down on the table on the outside. Kofi runs the ropes and Big E launches him out but he flies into a table that Nakamura and Cesaro are holding up. They keep control of Kofi on the outside now. They go to double suplex Kofi through the table but Big E makes the save again. Big E gets double teamed on the apron now.

Nakamura and Cesaro work over Big E in the ring. Nakamura with a sliding knee to put him back down. The crowd rallies as Nakamura stands a table up at ringside. Kofi goes to the top and flies to the floor with a crossbody, taking Nakamura back down. Big E launches Cesaro across the ring. Kofi stomps on Nakamura at ringside while Big E stomps on Cesaro in the corner.

The New Day has two tables stacked up at ringside now. Big E looks to superplex Cesaro through them but Nakamura makes the save. Kofi comes in and stops Nakamura. Cesaro rocks Big E up top. Kofi gets sent to the floor by Nakamura. Cesaro sends Big E to the mat, not through the table on the floor. Nakamura saves Cesaro from the Big Ending. Cesaro hits the Swing to Big E, into a Nakamura kick. Big E takes the challengers down. Here comes Kofi with more offense. Kofi sends Nakamura to the floor into a table but the edge, not through it. More offense by The New Day. Kofi brings Cesaro back in with lefts and rights in the corner. Kofi takes Cesaro to the top and looks down at the double tables on the floor. Cesaro counters. Nakamura assists with a kick. Nakamura helps re-position as Cesaro powers Kofi up from the top, putting him through the double tables on the floor with a huge powerbomb to win the titles.

Winners and New SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

– After the match, the new champs celebrate and stand tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Cesaro and Nakamura show off the titles at the announce table, wanting their respect now.

– We see Asuka, Kairi Sane and Alexa Bliss backstage hyping Nikki Cross up for her title shot.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Nikki Cross vs. Bayley

We go to the ring and out first comes Nikki Cross with Alexa Bliss. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are out next – SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley with Sasha Banks. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton.

Bayley strikes first and does some sowing off. Things get heated a bit after some slaps. Cross ends up hitting a big DDT early on for a close 2 count and a pop. Bayley takes a DDT on the outside and Cross brings it back in for a crossbody for a 2 count. Cross goes right back up and hits another crossbody but Bayley kicks out.

Bliss looks worried at ringside. Cross goes right back to the top but Bayley rolls to the floor for a breather. Cross hits the crossbody from the apron instead. Cross stands tall on the floor and yells out. Bayley rams Cross back into the apron, then into the barrier as Banks looks on. Bayley with another shot into the Plexiglas. Bayley brings it back into the ring for a 2 count.

Bayley works Cross over in the corner now. Bayley with shoulder thrusts as the referee warns her. Bayley with a takedown for a 2 count. Bayley keeps Cross grounded now. Bayley ends up trapping Cross in the apron and unloading on her. Cross crawls under the ring and comes up on the other side. Bayley goes for a baseball slide but Cross traps her in the apron and works her over as the crowd tallies. Cross brings it back up and drops Bayley over the second rope. Cross mocks Bayley’s old taunts and sends her in the corner. Cross avoids a Bayley-to-Belly suplex. More back and forth between the two. Bayley is frustrated after Cross kicks out again.

They go on and Bayley hits a superplex for a 2 count. Cross rolls Bayley from behind for a 2 count. Bayley drops Cross again for a pin attempt. They continue trading offense and counters. They both go down in the middle of the ring after an inverted DDT by Cross as Cross is unable t capitalize. Cross with running clotheslines and a dropkick now. Cross with a corner clothesline and a running bulldog. Cross yells out and climbs to the top. Cross with more big offense but she can’t get the pin on the champ. Bliss looks on concerned. Cross with two back suplexes in the middle of the ring but Bayley still kicks out.

Cross goes back up but Bayley cuts her off once again. Bayley ends up charging in the corner but Cross moves and Bayley lands hard on the turnbuckle. Cross with a neckbreaker from the apron to the floor now. They’re both down on the outside as the referee counts. They come back in and Bayley clotheslines the challenger. Cross drops her and covers for 2 as Banks looks on worried now. Bliss cheers her partner on. Bayley kicks Cross away a few times but Cross keeps coming. Banks approaches Bayley at ringside and looks to hand her something. Banks gets on the apron to distract the referee. Bliss also gets on the apron and yells at them. Bayley takes advantage and hits Cross in the ribs with the large “BOSS” ring that Banks wears, which she slid to her before the apron distraction. Bayley follows up by slamming Cross face-first into the mat, then covering for the pin to retain.

Winner: Bayley

– After the match, Bayley and Banks stand tall together as the music hits. We go to replays. Banks and Bayley head to the stage and pose as we see Cross trying to recover in the ring.

– Back from the break and we get a special horror edition of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House. He says the scariest is yet to come from The Horror Show as he presents the most disgusting and horror-filled footage known to man… the video cuts to a recent replay of the Karaoke Showdown on SmackDown but Wyatt interrupts and apparently blames it on Ramblin’ Rabbit. The horror edition of Firefly Fun House continues as Wyatt hypes tonight’s Wyatt Swamp Fight.

– We go to ringside with Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe now. The new WWE United States Title belt is on display next to them. Tom says champion Apollo Crews will not be able to defend tonight. He was here earlier and eager to compete but he did not pass his pre-match physical due to a recent injury.

Out comes MVP and Bobby Lashley to the ring. We see Lashley’s recent Full Nelson to Crews. They say Crews has a bulging disc from that Full Nelson, and he is unable to compete tonight. MVP and Lashley joke about the injury to Crews. MVP mentions a win by forfeit. He goes to ringside and brings the title belt in. Lashley assists and MVP now wears the title around his waist. MVP declares himself the new champion but no announcement is made by Mike Rome. MVP’s music hits as he makes his exit with Lashley. Crews is still the champion but MVP is acting as if he won the title by forfeit. The boos continue as Lashley and MVP pose on the stage before heading to the back.

– We get a video package for the Mysterio vs. Rollins feud.

Eye For An Eye Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring for the first-ever Eye For An Eye match as Seth Rollins comes out. Rollins stops and reveals that he’s brought a pair of pliers with him. Mike Rome announces that the only way to win this match is by extracting the eye of your opponent. Rey Mysterio is out next as Rollins waits in the ring, ready to fight. Rey suddenly appears in the ring behind Rollins and strikes with a surprise attack.

Rey looks for an early 619 but Rollins comes back and brings it in. Rollins goes right for the uninjured eye as the referee looks on. Rey tires to use the pliers early on. Ry pulls a table from under the ring, and a tool bag full of tools. Rey brings a piece of rebar in the ring but Rollins nails him with a kendo stick from the floor. More back and forth in the ring now. Rey goes for 619 again but Rollins slides to the floor and avoids it.

Rollins ends up dropping Rey on his neck on the edge of the apron after more back and forth. Rey falls to the floor and the referee checks on him. Rollins goes for Rey’s left eye now. Rey retreats and Rollins stalks him at ringside.

Rollins keeps control back in the ring now. Rollins launches Rey and he slides under the bottom rope, landing hard on the flattened table at ringside. Rollins follows and Rey calls him a son of a bitch. Rollins stomps and talks trash. Rollins grabs a steel chair and tries to use the edge on Rey’s eye but the fight continues. More chaos and weapons used at ringside now. Rollins gets jabbed in the eye by Rey sending him face-first into the corner of the announce table, but he goes down holding his eye. The referee checks on Rollins but his eye is still intact. There is rope and many tools on the ground as they go at it. Rey ends up pulling Rollins face-first into the steel ring post. Rollins goes back down as the crowd rallies. Rey brings it back in but Rollins nails him in the ribs with a kendo stick shot.

Rollins with more shots to Rey. Rollins jabs a kendo stick into the turnbuckle, leaving it poking out. He tries to ram Rey eye-first into the edge of the stick but it’s blocked and Rey turns it around. Rey unloads with more offense and hits a top rope splash. Rey goes for the eye but Rollins fights him off. Rollins with another counter, slamming Rey on his face. More back and forth in the ring. Rey lands a big tornado DDT from the corner. Rey with more big offense. He slides from the ring to the floor, powerbombing Rollins into the barrier after launching him into the barrier before. The crowd rallies as Rey stalks Rollins with a kendo stick at ringside. Rey breaks the stick apart. He brings Rollins to the apron and tries to drive the edge of the broken kendo stick into Rollins’ eye.

Rollins resists and rolls into the ring, clutching the eye. The referee checks on him. Rey waits for Rollins to get up. Rey connects with 619, hitting the damaged eye. They tangle some more on the floor with Rollins trying to protect his eye. Rey uses Rollins’ Stomp and puts him back down face-first on the floor for a big pop. Rey tries to jab Rollins’ eye into the edge of the steel ring steps now. Rollins screams out. Rey stops and the referee checks on them both as the crowd loudly boos.

Rollins takes advantage of the break in chaos, driving Rey back into the barrier. Tom points to the damage done to Rollins’ right eye. Rollins stands up and hits a big Stomp, driving Rey down face-first into the floor. More boos from the crowd. Rey is down on his back now. Rollins talks trash and says Rey did this. Rollins drags Rey back to the steps and tries to put his eye into the edge of the step. Rey resists but it’s not enough. We see what looks like blood coming from Rey’s eye. Rollins backs off and waits for him to get up but Rey isn’t moving much. The referee checks on Rey again and calls for the bell.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the bell, a trainer and referee check on Rey, along with his son Dominick. We see Rollins off to the side throwing up near the ramp. The trainer, official and Dominick quickly escort Rey up the ramp and to the back, with a towel held over his eye. The crowd starts pounding on the Plexiglas at Rollins, chanting what sounds like “Shame!” at him. Rollins limps away, looking disturbed and concerned.

– Back from a preview for The Last Ride and Tom plays up the seriousness of the Rey Mysterio situation.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with Bayley. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion & SmackDown Women’s Champion appears to be shaken up by what happened to Rey Mysterio. She then changes her tune and mocks Rey for losing his eye. She says Rey is not seeing double vision because she is still Bayley Dos Straps after retaining over Nikki Cross. She then introduces partner Sasha Banks and praises her big time. They go on about leaving tonight’s show with all the gold and the big celebration they are going to have.

– We get a video package for The Wyatt Swamp Fight.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Sasha Banks vs. Asuka

We go back to the ring and out first are The Kabuki Warriors – RAW Women’s Champion Asuka with Kairi Sane. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions are out next – Sasha Banks with SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. We get formal ring introductions from Rome.

The bell rings and they go at it. Banks takes Asuka to the corner and beats her down as the referee warns her. Banks backs off and they lock up again. Banks takes control. Asuka fights back but Banks keeps her down. They tangle on the mat with Banks trying for pin attempts. Asuka goes for an arm bar but Banks gets the bottom rope to break it. More back and forth offense. Asuka with a big sliding strike from the apron. Banks takes back control and covers for a 2 count after a knee strike. Banks grounds Asuka and bends her fingers back as Bayley looks on and smiles. The referee warns Banks and she finally lets go as Sane tries to rally the crowd for the champ.

Asuka fights up but Banks takes her right back down into another armbar in the middle of the ring. Banks talks trash in the corner and unloads with strikes now. Banks with double knees to the ribs, and then more double knees from the corner for a close 2 count. Banks keeps control but Asuka rocks her and fights up from the mat. Asuka levels Banks and drops her with a huge back-fist for a pop.

They tangle in the corner some more but both go back down after another set of big double knees. Sane cheers Asuka on. Asuka gets up first and goes for the Hip Attack but gets stuck in the ropes as Banks moves on the apron. Banks tries to send Asuka to the floor with a big German suplex from the apron now but Asuka hangs on. Asuka reverses and traps Banks in the ropes, unloading on her. Asuka tries for a German off the apron now but it’s blocked. They go to the floor and Banks launches Asuka into the Plexiglas. The referee starts counting.

Banks brings it back in and goes to the top for the big Frogsplash. She hits it and then applies the Bank Statement in the middle of the ring. Asuka digs deep and makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Asuka levels Banks again after Banks talks some trash in her face. Asuka with more offense for a close 2 count. Asuka with a huge German, dropping Banks on her neck. Asuka unloads with kicks and a sliding kick to the face for another 2 count. Asuka ends up hitting another big German. Asuka misses a top rope dropkick and Banks follows up with a big kick. Asuka kicks out at 2.

More back and forth between the two. Banks wastes some time and laughs after sending Asuka to the mat. Banks escapes a big super German suplex attempt from the top, then hits the running double knees in the corner. Banks looks too follow up but she slips on the ropes and goes down on her knee. The crowd rallies as both of them are down. The referee checks on Banks but she screams at him to get out of her face while she clutches her knee. Banks yells about being the next champion. Banks and Asuka trade shots from the mat now, working up to their knees and then their feet in the middle of the ring. They tangle.

Bayley gets on the apron but Sane stops her. Bayley drops Sane on the floor with the Bayley-to-Belly while Asuka and Banks trade counters and strikes in the ring. Asuka with the Asuka Lock in the middle of the ring now. Bayley tosses one of the belts in. Banks is tapping but the referee is distracted by Sane pointing out Bayley. Asuka breaks the hold and drops Bayley with a kick to the head, which the referee sees.

Banks grabs one of the belts to use it but the referee yells at her and grabs it. The referee and Banks have words. Asuka approaches from behind and sprays green mist as Banks turns around, but Banks ducks and the mist hits the referee in the face. Bayley comes from behind at Asuka but the referee is blinded. Bayley rips the referee’s t-shirt off and puts it on, sending him to the floor. Banks covers Asuka and Bayley covers for the 3 count. Bayley yells for the timekeeper to ring the bell. She goes to ringside and threatens him, so he rings the bell. Bayley grabs the RAW Women’s Title and takes it over to Banks on the floor. They celebrate as the boos get louder. Asuka isn’t happy. Banks’ music hits as we go to replays.

No Contest

– After the replays, Banks and Bayley head to the back together with all the gold. There is no official announcement on the finish.

– Charly is backstage with an update on Rey Mysterio. She says he is being treated at a local facility for the eye injury, and it looks like he may be able to retain his vision.

– We get a video package for tonight’s WWE Title match.

Extreme Rules Match (for the Challenger Only) for the WWE Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre

We go to the ring for tonight’s WWE Title match as Dolph Ziggler is out. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out before Rome does formal ring introductions. Ziggler takes the mic and says Drew made a big mistake by letting him pick the stipulation after signing the contract for the match. Ziggler finally announces the stipulation – Extreme Rules… for Ziggler only. Also, Ziggler will win the title if McIntyre walks away or gets disqualified. Drew looks on, maybe a bit concerned or not, and then hands the title off to the referee.

The match begins and here we go. Ziggler tries to go for a weapon early on but Drew keeps control early on. Drew brings it back in and waits for a Claymore but Dolph escapes to the floor. Dolph cannot be counted out. Drew follows and Dolph goes for his eyes. Ziggler brings a steel chair in but Drew catches it. Drew has to throw it to the floor as he cannot use it. Drew blocks the superkick and overpowers Ziggler some, launching him with a huge overhead suplex. Drew works Ziggler over on the outside and then brings it back in.

Drew ends up leveling Ziggler over the top with a huge clothesline. Drew follows and Ziggler counters, sending him into the ring post and then the barrier. Ziggler sends Drew back into the post as the referee counts. Ziggler pulls a table from under the ring. Drew makes it back in at the 7 count. Drew goes back out and lifts Ziggler for a long vertical suplex. He looks to possibly put Ziggler through the table but he has to move and drop Dolph on the floor instead. They bring it back in and Drew hits a big sitdown powerbomb for a close 2 count.

Drew takes his time and talks some trash to Ziggler while he’s down. Ziggler gets up and kicks Drew with a low blow but it’s legal for Ziggler. The crowd boos him. Ziggler goes back out and brings several steel chairs in the ring.

Ziggler unloads with steel chair shots to keep Drew down. Ziggler with a stiff chair shot to the throat. Drew gets up but Ziggler swings and knocks him down with a big chair shot to the shoulder. Drew kicks out at 2. Drew rolls to the floor, clutching his throat. Ziggler leaps off the apron but Drew catches him and rams him into the apron. Drew then launches Ziggler over his head, over the announce table. The referee counts.

Ziggler ends up hitting a big Fame-asser off the announce table. Ziggler rolls back in and Drew follows at the 8 count. Drew is upset. He keeps fighting and comes off the top with a right hand but misses. Ziggler jumps on his back with a Sleeper hold now. Drew gets the top rope but rope breaks won’t work against Ziggler in this match. Ziggler wears Drew down to one knee as the crowd tries to rally. Drew slams Ziggler into the mat. Drew charges but runs into the ring post instead. Ziggler keeps this up but Drew hits a big clothesline and they both go down.

More back and forth in the ring now. Drew with a big Alabama Slam in the middle of the ring. Drew misses the big kick and Ziggler comes right back with the Zig Zag on a chair. Drew still kicks out at 2. They go back to the floor and Ziggler superkicks Drew. Drew is on a table now. Ziggler goes back to the top and puts Drew through the table with a huge flying elbow drop. Drew eventually makes it back in to avoid the loss and Ziggler can’t believe it as he yells out. Ziggler approaches and Drew nails a big Glasgow Kiss headbutt to send him back down.

Drew goes for the Futureshock DDT but Ziggler counters and hits a Fame-asser. Ziggler with another Zig Zag but Drew gets right back up. Ziggler puts him right back down with the Uranage on a steel chair. Drew still kicks out at 2. Ziggler ends up preparing for Sweet Chin Music in the corner. He goes on but Drew blocks it with a big Claymore Kick to get the pin and retain.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew’s music hits as he is handed the WWE Title. Drew yells out and raises the title as we go to replays. Drew stands tall and raises the title in the air as the crowd cheers him on.

– Back from a break and Cole leads us to tonight’s main event.

Wyatt Swamp Fight: WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt

It’s time for the first-ever Wyatt Swamp Fight, which will be our non-title main event for the night. WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman drives his big truck up to Bray Wyatt’s home in the swamp. Wyatt is sitting on the front porch in his rocking chair, all smiles and laughs.

Braun approaches and says he’s home. Wyatt, still sitting down, just laughs. We go to black for a second and come back to just Strowman. Wyatt’s chair is moving but he’s not there. Strowman sees a sign on a tree that warns anyone who enters. Strowman smashes the rocking chair against a tree and we hear Wyatt’s laughs in the distance.

We hear some pigs squealing as Strowman apparently has flashbacks. He fights off a mystery masked attacker. Strowman yells out for Wyatt to show his damn face. A shovel hits Strowman in the back and he goes down. Strowman looks terrified as he sees himself standing above him, wearing the black sheep mask and holding the shovel. Strowman looks up from the ground as the other Strowman smashes him in the face with a shovel. Strowman comes to and he’s chained up in the house now for more wackiness. We see the swamp version of Wyatt walking outside, lantern in hand, as his music plays in the background. Wyatt walks into the room where Strowman is chained to a chair. Wyatt laughs and welcomes Strowman home, asking what he thinks about Wyatt’s changes to the house. Strowman says he hates Wyatt. Wyatt taunts Strowman while he’s chained to the chair. Wyatt plays some mind games and grabs Strowman, yelling at him that he is not Strowman’s enemy. Wyatt goes on about how people have invaded and turned against them, but they can come together and be the ones standing after everyone else falls, after governments and the rest of the world fall. Strowman says he’s sending Wyatt straight back to hell.

Wyatt goes on with the cryptic talk, saying Strowman is the weapon and he is the hand that controls it. Wyatt has to destroy the monster Strowman has become. Strowman doesn’t care what happens, he will never go back to doing Wyatt’s dirty work. A woman appears with a snake now. Wyatt tells Strowman not to be afraid. This mystery woman could be Sister Abigail? The snake attacks Strowman. He comes to and now he’s outside near a fire. He’s fighting off mystery men in black, including one very average looking guy swinging an axe. Wyatt takes it and beats the man down. The man catches fire and runs around as Strowman laughs.

We hear a woman’s voice, telling Strowman to come home. It’s Alexa Bliss in black, with a hood over her head. She’s telling Strowman that he’s always wanted to be with her, this can be their home together if he just comes home. Strowman approaches the image of Bliss but Wyatt attacks him from it. Strowman apparently gets the upperhand and knocks Wyatt into a small white boat. The boat starts riding out into a lake with Wyatt laid out in it. Strowman smiles and walks away from the lake. He stops and looks back at the boat, confused. The boat is now coming back to the dock. Strowman walks out into the water, up to his waist. He goes to the boat and it’s empty. No Wyatt.

Wyatt comes from the side and drops Strowman with a shovel to the head. They brawl in the water with Wyatt beating Strowman and holding him down, as we see flashes of alligators. Strowman eventually pulls himself up to the dock, struggling to breathe. He’s laying on the dock now as a female voice laughs. Wyatt attacks on the dock. Strowman fights back but Wyatt beats him down with some sort of stick. Wyatt screams out. Wyatt says look what you made me do. Strowman gets up as Wyatt has his back turned. Wyatt turns around and laughs at him. Wyatt tries to swing the stick but Strowman knocks him into the water.

Strowman kneels down at the water and apparently doesn’t see Wyatt. Strowman nods and says it’s over. He keeps looking around the surface of the water until Wyatt’s arm comes up from out of the water, applying the Mandible Claw to pull Strowman into the water. There’s a struggle. It looks like Wyatt comes back up out of the water for a second, struggling to breathe or get out. Wyatt is pulled back under and all is calm. The water then turns blood red and starts bubbling. The Fiend returns, coming out of the water and staring straight at the camera now. We hear Wyatt laughing in the background. WWE’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view goes off the air as The Fiend growls, “Let me in!”

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