Tyson Kidd Explains Why He Thinks Jinder Mahal Had WWE Title Run

Jinder Mahal Champion

TJ Wilson joined independent talent Jeremy Prophet on his ‘Jofo In The Ring’ show

During their conversation, Jinder Mahal’s WWE Title run was brought up. Many fans felt it was done due to WWE expanding into India at the time. Wilson thinks there was another reason. 

“It’s funny. Obviously, different ethnicities and stuff definitely help out. They also make it, as we talked about earlier in terms of getting to America and getting your name out there to make it increasingly — it’s more difficult than if you are American. But it’s so funny, I’ve had a lot of people just in conversations say things — and of course, Jinder [Mahal’s] background helps, there’s no doubt about that but, I once said like, ‘Well, I think his world title push is based way more on the shape he got himself into and how hard he works more than being of Indian descent’ and someone’s like, ‘No, no, it’s just because he’s from India’ or something and I was like, ‘Okay, well do you remember when he got fired in 2014? He was still of Indian descent then too, just so you know. You know what he wasn’t? He wasn’t shredded, he wasn’t as dedicated and he wasn’t in the same shape he was in when he was champion in 2017.’ He’s still of Indian descent, it’s the exact same thing but do a side by side, those pictures are not the same. They do not look like the same person.”

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