Triple H Turns 43, WWE No Way Out PPV Buys, Top WWE DVD Sales, Great Khali Update

– Several media outlets have picked up on The Great Khali’s surgery. A radio show that picked up on it this morning made several references to Andre the Giant. The story also made the home page of Yahoo! this morning. According to Yahoo!, Khali will be released from hospital over the weekend and is recovering well.

– The latest WWE monthly business figures released Thursday night reports WWE has shipped 189,000 units of WrestleMania 28 DVDs to top their nine-month DVD chart.

WrestleMania 28 tops the #2 and #3-ranked Stone Cold and The Rock DVDs that are even at 141,000 and 140,000 units shipped, respectively.

In total for the second quarter, 837,000 DVD units were shipped, which is up slightly from 830,000 in the first quarter. However, second quarter 2012 trailed Q2-2010 and Q2-2011 by a couple hundred units.

– Estimates for No Way Out pay-per-view call for 200,000 buys, according to information released on WWE’s Second Quarter 2012 PPV buys. As WWE has been releasing skewed numbers on WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view buys throughout their business reports, it’s unclear what the exact number is for No Way Out.

– Triple H turns 43 years old today. Dolph Ziggler is also celebrating a birthday today, as reported earlier, he turns 32.

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