Triple H & Stephanie McMahon On How Smackdown Moving To FOX Will Lead To Changes

WWE COO Triple H

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were both interviewed by the “Sports Business Journal”. The interview largely centered around the business and financial aspects of the WWE. They were asked about Smackdown’s upcoming move to FOX and how that would impact the show. Both responded to note that there would definitely be changes. Here is what they had to say:

McMahon: There’s definitely going to be differences. We haven’t made any announcements formally, but we are so excited to be partnering with FOX and to be on USA. We’re sandwiched between the NFL. You’ve got Thursday Night Football, Smackdown on Friday, college football on Saturday and Sunday is NFL. You can’t get a better platform to help support WWE. FOX has been a wonderful partner already.

Triple H: There are contractual requirements to provide that level of exposure for us, but they’ve already gone above and beyond that. As this goes forward, that will just rise that type of activity across the board. Fundamentally, as a company, we constantly re-imagine ourselves. So, we’re deep in the process now of [figuring out] what the re-imagined version of Smackdown will be.

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