Triple H on John Cena’s Potential WWE Comeback

Triple H

Triple H recently spoke with The New York Times’ Joseph Staszewski about John Cena‘s possible return to WWE.

As previously stated, Cena recently appeared on The Tonight Show and stated that he will definitely return to WWE, and there are rumours that the SummerSlam main event will be Cena vs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. When asked if now is a good time to bring Cena back, Triple H said the same rules apply to Cena and The Rock, both of whom are rumoured to challenge Reigns in the future.

Triple H said the following:

“No matter how busy they are, I know that anytime there’s an opportunity where you would say to them, ‘Hey, you could enter the ring in WWE and do this,’ there’s a part of them that goes, ‘Ooh, that sounds like a lot of fun,’”

WWE fans can expect big returns when the company resumes touring this month, according to Triple H.

“We do it all for them,” Triple H said. “There’s no other real reason. You’re doing it for that reaction. So to have that back, you can’t even really put it into words.”

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