TNA IMPACT Wrestling Results — Nov. 26, 2019

TNA Impact Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results 11/26/19
Don Kolov Arena
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Rip Rayzor vs Rapid Delivery Pete

Rayzor refuses to put out his cigarette. Pete reminds him that smoking is bad for his health. Pete reaches for Rayzor but gets burned by his cigarette. Rayzor rakes the chest of Pete and puts in a headlock. Pete turns it around with a series of dropkicks, followed by a powerslam and the Rapid Delivery Splash to win.

Rapid Delivery Pete def Rip Rayzor

IPWF host The Iceman interviews International Commonwealth Television Champion Julian Cumberbun with his manager Sonny Sanders ahead of Cumberbun’s title defense against Downtown Daddy Brown tonight where the loser will be forced to leave town. They are interrupted by Daddy Brown who avoids a sneak attack from Sanders and rips the pants off of Cumberbun.

Xcessive Force (Pummel & Plunder) vs The Hard Workers (Oats & Hall)

Xcessive Force attack The Hard Workers from behind to jumpstart the match and gain the early advantage. Hall takes out both Pummel and Plunder with a double clothesline, followed by a huge powerslam to Pummel. The Hard Workers connect with a unique double sunset flip into a pin on Pummel to win.

The Hard Workers (Oats & Hall) def Xcessive Force (Pummel & Plunder)

After the match, Xcessive Force attack the Hard Workers like sore losers. Plunder squashes The Hard Workers’ hats on top of Oats to send a message.

Johnny Swinger vs Buck Gunderson

Swinger is in tune with the times as he takes control. Gunderson pulls his strap down in an attempt to turn it around but Swinger slams him to the mat with a Spinebuster. Swinger connects with the Swinger Neckbreaker to win in dominant fashion.

Johnny Swinger def Buck Gunderson

Frank the Butcher invites Doug to join him in IPWF so they can become tag team champions.

Iceman interviews The Rough Riders ahead of their 8-person tag team match later tonight.  They promise to ride right over whoever gets in their way.

Jazzy Fitbody vs Agnes Beerhart 

The Hitmaker Sebastian Baker comes down to ringside as he continues to pressure Jazzy Fitbody into signing a contract with him. Agnes wears down Jazzy with a snap suplex. Jazzy feeds off the energy of the crowd to build momentum. Jazzy hits a splash off the second rope to win.

Jazzy Fitbody def Agnes Beerhart 

Post-match, Baker threatens Jazzy that she may get struck with some bad luck if she doesn’t’ sign his contract. In a shocking turn of events, Jazzy signs the contract but it’s all part of her plan as she delivers a low blow to Baker and rips up the contract.

Tim Burr, Jim Nasium, Bill Ding & Ray Strack vs The Rough Riders (Blanche Ardmore, Mildred Moore, Georgia Cobb & Lady Bird Johnston)

Strack goes through the gears but Georgia puts him in park as she sends him retreating to his side of the ring. Nasium does pushups to show his strength but can’t keep up with the speed of Mildred. Lady Bird locks in a Bear Hug on Burr but he escapes and hits a double axe handle off the top. Strack hits all the Rough Riders with a flurry of superkicks but misses the follow up splash off the top. Blanche takes out Strack with a revolutionary maneuver to win.

The Rough Riders (Blanche Ardmore, Mildred Moore, Georgia Cobb & Lady Bird Johnston) def Ray Strack, Tim Burr, Jim Nasium & Bill Ding

Body Slam Challenge w/ Kongo Kong and the $300,000 Man

Mr. Atlantis answers the challenge but as soon as he attempts the body slam, Kong beats him down. Muscles McGhee comes to the ring and says he’s not here for the money, he’s here for the people.  McGhee sends the $300,000 Man to the outside before exchanging with Kong. McGhee uses his muscles to successfully body slam Kong.

We see footage from last week showing DJ 2 Large and Captain Joystick compete in a highly competitive bout.

Captain Joystick and Ms Mile High welcome DJ 2 Large into their cockpit. DJ starts freestyling but Joystick isn’t a fan. They get into a physical altercation and tear down the cockpit.

International Commonwealth Television Champion Julian Cumberbun w/ Sonny Sanders vs Downtown Daddy Brown – Loser Leaves Town Match for the ICT Championship

Cumberbun escapes the wrath of Daddy Brown by hiding amongst the fans. Daddy Brown spots him and continues the attack inside the ring. Cumberbun goes low to regain control. Daddy Brown hits the ropes but Sanders crushes him in the back with his tennis racket. Cumberbun fakes an injury to distract the referee, allowing Sanders to pummel Daddy Brown on the outside. Cumberbun locks in the Figure Four but Daddy Brown reverses the pressure. Daddy Brown has the match won but Sanders puts Cumberbun’s foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Sanders once again distracts the referee, Cumberbun hits Daddy Brown with his signature tennis racket but Daddy Brown somehow kicks out. Daddy Brown rolls up Cumberbun to score the win, becoming the new ICT Champion and forcing Cumerbun to leave IPWF.

Downtown Daddy Brown def International Commonwealth Television Champion Julian Cumberbun w/ Sonny Sanders – ***NEW ICT Champion***

The locker room empties to celebrate with Downtown Daddy Brown as IPWF goes off the air.

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