TNA IMPACT Wrestling Results — June 21, 2019

TNA Impact Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results 6/21/19
Melrose Ballroom
New York, New York

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Tessa Blanchard vs. Jake Crist 

Blanchard with a flurry of forearm shivers. Crist shoves Blanchard down to the mat. Blanchard drops Crist with a Cutter. Blanchard follows that with Three Suicide Dives. Blanchard is fired up. Blanchard ascends to the top turnbuckle. Crist SuperKicks Blanchard in mid-air. Crist argues with the referee. Crist taunts the New York. Crist is mauling Blanchard in the corner. Blanchard fires back with forearm shots. Crist with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Crist locks in The Anaconda Vice. Blanchard puts her foot on the bottom rope to create separation. Crist bodyslams Blanchard. Crist applies a rear chin lock. Blanchard gets back to a vertical base. Crist rakes the eyes of Blanchard.

Blanchard and Crist are trading back and forth shots. Crist with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a one count. Forearm Exchange. Blanchard hits The Tilt-A-Whirl DDT for a two count. Blanchard kicks Crist in the gut. Crist fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Blanchard decks Crist with a JawBreaker. Blanchard ducks a clothesline from Crist. Crist drops Blanchard with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Crist goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Blanchard lands back on her feet. Blanchard unloads Two SuperKicks. Blanchard whips Crist chest first across the turnbuckles. Blanchard plants Crist with Magnum to pickup the victory.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall 

Second Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Madman Fulton w/oVe 

Edwards attacks oVe before the bell rings. Edwards clotheslines Dave Crist over the top rope. Edwards dumps Fulton out of the ring. Edwards delivers a Suicide Dive. Edwards is throwing haymakers at Fulton. Edwards and Fulton are brawling around the ringside area. Edwards avoids The Big Boot. Edwards with a chop/haymaker combination. Edwards fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Fulton with clubbing blows to Edwards back. Fulton slams Edwards head on the ring apron. Edwards kicks Fulton in the face. Fulton catches Edwards in mid-air. Fulton ChokeSlams Edwards on the ring apron. Fulton levels Edwards with a Body Avalanche. Fulton bodyslams Edwards. Fulton delivers Two ChokeSlams. Fulton fish hooks Edwards.

Sami Callihan attacks Edwards behind the referee’s back. Fulton with a Double UnderHook Slam for a two count. Edwards dropkicks the left knee of Fulton. Edwards is lighting up Fulton’s chest. Fulton goes for a PowerBomb, but Edwards counters with a Hurricanrana. Edwards with a Snap German Suplex. Edwards hits The Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Callihan tells Fulton to wake up. Edwards knocks Callihan off the ring apron. Edwards with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike. Edwards grabs Kenny 2.0. Killer Kross appears on the screen. Kross is waterboarding The Sandman. Kross calls Edwards a SOB. Fulton plants Edwards with The End Of Days to pickup the victory.

Winner: Madman Fulton via Pinfall 

Third Match: Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Moose backs Dreamer into the turnbuckles. Moose pie faces Dreamer. Dreamer is throwing haymakers at Moose. Moose kicks Dreamer in the gut. Moose unloads two knife edge chops. Dreamer drops Moose with a shoulder tackle. Moose nips up. Dreamer clotheslines Moose. Moose reverses out of the irish whip from Dreamer. Dreamer with a Running Crossbody Block. Moose pulls Dreamer out of the ring. Moose bites the forehead of Dreamer. Moose slaps Dreamer’s head on the ring apron. Dreamer whips Moose face first across the steel ring post. Dreamer with a Back Body Drop on the floor. Dream spits diet coke into Moose’s eyes. Dreamer removes the protecting matting. Moose dumps Dreamer back first on the apron. Moose repeatedly punches Dreamer in the chest. Moose poses for the crowd.

Moose puts his boot on the back of Dreamer’s neck. Moose argues with the referee. Moose rakes the eyes of Dreamer. Following a snap mare takeover, Moose repeatedly punches the forehead of Dreamer. Moose applies a rear chin lock. Dreamer gets back to a vertical base. Moose uppercuts Dreamer. Moose with two knife edge chops. Dreamer creates distance with a Cutter. Moose and Dreamer are trading back and forth shots. Dreamer with a flurry of left jabs. Moose avoids The Bionic Elbow. Moose Jabs. Moose mocks Dreamer. Dreamer responds with The Bionic Elbow. Moose with a Pump Kick. Dreamer with a Running Forearm Smash. Dreamer with a Fake Out DDT.

Moose decks Dreamer with a back elbow smash. Dreamer puts Moose on the top turnbuckle. Dreamer slaps Moose in the chest. Dreamer hits The SuperPlex for a two count. Moose negates The Spicolli Driver. Moose drives Dreamer back first into the turnbuckles. Dreamer kicks Moose in the chest. Dreamer Spears Moose for a two count. Dreamer grabs a steel chair. Moose pulls the referee into harms way. Moose pump kicks the chair into Dreamer’s face. Moose Spears Dreamer to pickup the victory. After the match, Moose continues to beat down Dreamer. Moose gets Dreamer in position for The Van Terminator. Rob Van Dam storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: Moose via Pinfall 

– Johnny Impact says that he’s bringing the X-Division Title to SlamTown after Slammiversary.

Fourth Match: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Su Yung w/James Mitchell & Havok For The IMPACT Knockouts Championship 

Yung is having a conniption fit in the corner. Valkyrie talks smack to Yung. Slap/Forearm Exchange. Valkyrie thrust kicks the midsection of Yung. Valkyrie drops Yung with a High Knee Strike. Yung nails Valkyrie with a big palm strike. Valkyrie negates The Panic Switch. Valkyrie with a German Suplex. Yung side steps Valkyrie into the turnbuckles. Yung with forearm shivers. Valkyrie responds with a German Suplex into the turnbuckles for a two count. Valkyrie tells Yung to get up. Valkyrie with a running back elbow strike. Valkyrie follows that with a Running Hip Attack. Valkyrie delivers a ShotGun Meteora for a two count. Valkyrie is basking in her own glory. Yung sends Valkyrie shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Yung thrust kicks the midsection of Valkyrie. Yung with a Hurricanrana that sends Valkyrie face first into the middle turnbuckle pad for a two count. Yung wraps her leg around the left shoulder of Valkyrie. Yung bends the another shoulder to add more pressure. Yung drops Valkyrie with a Draping Pedigree. Yung brings out the Blood Stain Glove. Valkyrie with a Bow and Arrow Stomp for a two count. Valkyrie avoids The Mandible Claw. Valkyrie with a Jumping Arm-Breaker. Valkyrie targets the left shoulder of Yung. Valkyrie poses for the crowd. Jessica Havok blasts Valkyrie with a forearm smash which forces the disqualification.

Winner: Still IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie via Pinfall 

James Mitchell Promo: 

Fifth Match: Ace Austin vs. TJ Perkins 

Perkins avoids a High Head Kick from Austin. Perkins with a Spinning Heel Kick. Austin reverses out of the irish whip from Perkins. Perkins with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Perkins follows that with a HandSpring Arm-Drag. Austin tumbles to the floor. Perkins with a Rebound Kick to Austin. Perkins poses for the crowd. Perkins throws Austin back into the ring. Austin with a forearm smash. Austin drives Perkins back first into the edge of the ring frame.

Austin with a front dropkick. Austin handstands on the apron. Austin blasts Perkins with The PK. Austin rolls Perkins back into the ring. Austin goes for a Flying Enzuigiri, but Perkins counters with a PowerBomb. Perkins with a Flying Crossbody Block. Perkins connects with The Detonation Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: TJ Perkins via Pinfall 

– This weeks IMPACT Plus! Flashback Moment Of The Week is Bully Ray/EC3 Texas Death Match From TNA Slammiversary 2014.

Slammiversary XVII Match Card 

1.) Brian Cage (c) vs. Michael Elgin For The IMPACT World Championship

2.) Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard

3.) Moose vs. Rob Van Dam

4.) Rich Swann (c) vs. Johnny Impact For The IMPACT X-Division Championship

5.) Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Rosemary vs. Su Yung vs. Jessica Havok in a Fatal Four Way Monster’s Ball Match For The IMPACT Knockouts Championship

6.) LAX (c) vs. The Rascalz For The IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

Sixth Match: Michael Elgin vs. Johnny Impact vs. Rich Swann in a Triple Threat Match 

Elgin kicks Swann in the gut. Elgin and Impact starts shoving each other. Swann kicks Impact in the face. Elgin blocks a boot from Swann. Elgin with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Elgin avoids The Disaster Kick. Elgin drops Impact with a shoulder tackle. Impact fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Elgin and Impact are trading back and forth shots. Swann with a Flying Double Crossbody Block. Impact leapfrogs over Swann. Swann knocks Elgin off the ring apron. Impact with a forearm smash. Swann with a Corkscrew Plancha. Impact responds with a SlingShot Corkscrew Plancha. Impact talks smack to Swann. Impact with a straight right hand. Impact puts Swann on the top turnbuckle. Impact fights out of the electric chair position. Standing Switch Exchange. Elgin with a Double German Suplex. Elgin with a series of corner clotheslines.

Elgin goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Swann lands back on his feet. Swann with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Impact with a Big Boot. Swann responds with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Swann SuperKicks Elgin. Swann hits The Leaping FrankenSteiner on top of Elgin for a two count. Elgin picks the right ankle of Swann. Elgin drops Swann with The Death Valley Driver. Impact with Two Running Knee Strikes. Impact follows that with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Elgin pulls Swann off of Impact’s shoulders. Elgin with a Discus Forearm Smash. Elgin with a Side Slam for a two count. Swann goes for a Reverse Hurricanrana, but Elgin blocks it. Impact with a forearm smash. Elgin responds with a pump kick. Swann with a High Head Kick. Swann ducks a clothesline from Elgin. Double Pump Kick. Swann wraps this sequence with a HandSpring Double Cutter.

Impact & Swann delivers a SpringBoard Disaster Kick/Reverse Hurricanrana Combination. Impact dropkicks Swann out of the ring. Impact drags Elgin to the corner. Elgin avoids Star Ship Pain. Impact blocks a lariat from Elgin. Elgin negates The Moonlight Drive. Elgin with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Elgin SuperKicks Impact. Impact responds with an Avalanche Spanish Fly. Swann lands The 450 Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, Swann nails Elgin with a Windmill Kick. Swann drops Impact with a Spinning Heel Kick. Johnny Bravo attacks Swann from behind. Impact is choking Swann with the red x. Brian Cage storms into the ring. Cage Press Slams Impact out of the ring. Cage tells Elgin to bring it. Cage ducks a clothesline from Elgin. Cage with a Jumping Knee Strike. Cage follows that with a Discus Lariat. Cage PowerBombs Elgin.

Winner: Rich Swann via Pinfall 

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