The Rock’s Daughter Makes WWE NXT Debut as Ava Raine, New Schism Member

Ava Raine WWE Rock Daughter

The WWE NXT TV debut of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s daughter has finally occurred.

Simone Johnson made her NXT debut tonight as Ava Raine, the fourth member of The Schism, in the post-Halloween Havoc episode. The mystery figure with the red hoodie and yellow mask who has been following The Schism about and gaining their trust for several weeks was revealed to be Raine.

Promos from Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid were included in the episode. They talked about The Schism’s mission statement and how there are many roots that grow into a single tree. Gacy then urged the unidentified person to reveal who they truly were and establish enduring togetherness like Fowler and Reid did. The moment has come, according to Gacy, for the new member to move on and show their true selves while sitting beneath The Schism’s tree. However, they must keep in mind that there is no turning back.

When Raine took off her mask to the chant of “take it off!,” the WWE Performance Center crowd let out a big pop. Raine claimed that any preconceived notions about who she should be were disproved by the love and acceptance she has received from The Schism. She identified herself as Ava Raine after saying that this finally made her feel complete. With a group hug, cheers, and Gacy’s declaration that these hearts collectively beat as one for the roots of one tree, The Schism concluded the programme.

In February 2020, WWE said that Raine has started working out in the Performance Center. She subsequently signed a WWE contract, which was revealed in May 2020. At an NXT live event from Orlando in July of this year, Raine gave an in-ring introduction and later responded to fan criticism in front of the crowd. It was first mentioned in May 2021 that The Rock’s daughter was improving at the WWE Performance Center and had been the most-improved developmental talent in squats from January to May of that year. She underwent a third knee procedure in September 2020, but it appears that she has not yet made her ring debut.

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