The New Day Celebrates Becoming 4-Time Tag Team Champions

A New Day stable

On this week’s edition of Smackdown Live, Big E and Kofi Kingston of the New Day defeated The Usos in a Las Vegas Street Fight to regain the SmackDown tag team titles.

Both teams took advantage of the Street Fight stipulation, battling in and outside the ring and using kendo sticks, tables, chairs and the ring steps to maximize the damage inflicted on their opponents. The finish came when the Usos were setting up for their Double Uce top rope signature move, but Kofi Kingston pushed one of them off the top rope and outside through a table. Kofi then assisted Big E in nailing a spiked Big Ending for the victory.

This marks the fourth tag title reign for New Day. They’re two time RAW tag champions and  previously held the SmackDown tag titles once before.

Backstage after their win, New Day celebrated their victory on SmackDown Live Fallout.

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