“The Marine Was Supposed To Be My Movie,” Kurt Angle says

John-cena-Inducting-Kurt-Angle-Into-the-WWE-Hall-of-Fame 2017

During the most recent episode of Kurt Angle‘s Kurt Angle Show, he discussed John Cena.

During the interview, Angle stated that he, not Cena, was meant to be in the film “The Marine.” However, it was meant to go to Steve Austin, but he had to leave. Then it was postponed for a year.

“The Marine was intended to be my film,” says the star. It was a Stone Cold Situation. Steve Austin was informed that he will be in The Marine, the very first WWE film. “When Steve departed the company, Vince gave me the movie,” Angle explained.

“They didn’t know when they were going to film it, so I had it.” After a year, Vince approached me and said, “Hey, listen, I’d want to give that Marine movie to John Cena.” ‘Why?’ I wondered. ‘Well, he’s on his way to being a rising star,’ he added. I believe it is the appropriate time for him to make a film.’ ‘Vince, listen, that’s cool,’ I said. I’m glad for John, to be honest. It’s fantastic that he’ll make this film, but he has to be in the ring working, and I’m hurt. I’m going to have to take a break from wrestling. I’d love to take a six-month break and make a film. That’d be fantastic.’

“‘Well, I’ve already made up my mind,’ he said. I wasn’t angry at John. Vince had enraged me. He simply took the movie away from me since this new child had come in and made such an impression. I, too, had a significant impact. So I had no idea why that had happened. For me, that was the beginning of the end for WWE. After that, things started to deteriorate. That’s when I left the company, around a year or two later.”

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