The Hardy Boyz Want to Finish Their Careers As a Tag Team

The Hardy Boyz WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Matt Hardy appeared on Josh Graham’s show The Drive to discuss a variety of topics.

During it, the AEW superstar stated that he is totally supportive of a possible Hardy Boyz reunion in the promotion with his brother, Jeff. After being let go by WWE, the former WWE Champion is now a free agent.

“That’d be fantastic,” Hardy replied. “I know both of us have indicated on numerous occasions that we want to finish our careers the same way we started them. That’s just as a tag team. As two young children, we aspired to be the world’s tag team champions at least once. Obviously, we have well exceeded that number many times over. But I think teaming together and doing one more run as a tag team would be incredible. And I can’t think of a better place than All Elite Wrestling to do it.”

“One thing I have to say about Tony Khan, I can’t praise him enough for treating icons like legends; he is so good and so great at it.” And he makes excellent use of his abilities. I can’t say enough good things about him. Because Tony Khan has been in the driver’s seat, AEW has been extremely successful. He’s been bringing out an excellent product, rewarding all wrestling fans in 2021 who are prepared to devote a significant amount of time to watching a product, a storyline, or a feud. He always provides them a payoff that will make them happy.”

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