Sting Wanted A Cinematic Match Against The Undertaker; Reportedly unhappy with his WWE run


The Undertaker‘s retirement and Sting‘s debut at AEW’s Winter Is Coming event all but assures the dream match between the two wrestling icons will never happen.

When Sting joined WWE in 2014, countless wrestling fans began to dream of a showdown between the Vigilante and the Phenom. But Vince McMahon never went in that direction, and now we’re all left to wonder what could have been.

Prior to joining AEW, however, Sting reportedly held out hope for that desired match with the Deadman.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Lennard Surrao of Sportskeeda), WWE wasn’t interested in using Sting “as a television character” whereas Tony Khan wants to use him in that capacity.

Meltzer also revealed that Sting wanted to do a cinematic showdown with Undertaker, but Vince wasn’t interested.

“Still, it is known Sting wanted to do a Cinematic match with Undertaker, and for whatever reason, while fans have clamored for Undertaker vs. Sting for years, it has never been a match that appealed to McMahon,” Meltzer said.

The Undertaker’s last match was a cinematic bout against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. WWE has done a handful of these matches over the past three years, and given their ages (Sting 61, Undertaker 55), a cinematic match probably would have been the best route to go.

On several instances, Sting expressed an interest in facing The Undertaker. On WWE Untold: Sting’s Last Ride, Sting talked about wanting to at least do a “face-off” of some sort in the ring.

When when Sting retired from in-ring competition in 2016, the window was there for him and Undertaker to come face-to-face in a non-match capacity. WWE never went through with it, however, and now they’ll see him bolster the rival AEW company.

Disappointing For Wrestling Fans

Talk about a blown opportunity. WWE had Sting under contract for five years, and they still never managed to bring him and Undertaker together in any capacity (match, segment, etc.) Fans will forever be disappointed about WWE’s refusal to pit these two against one another, and rightfully so. It was simply a wasted chance to give the millions of fans something they wanted for years and years.

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