*SPOILERS* WWE SmackDown 7/13/12

WWE SmackDown Results

* ZackDown opens up with Zack Ryder coming out as the General Manager. He tries to get the world’s biggest fist pump going with the whole crowd doing it. Alberto Del Rio comes out and runs him down. Ryder makes Sin Cara vs. Del Rio and that match is up first.

* Alberto Del Rio beat Sin Cara with the armbar.

* Backstage segment with Big Show insulting Zack Ryder and The Great Khali. Show vs. The Great Khali is announced.

* Primo and Epico defeated Darren Young and Titus O’Neil.

* Backstage segment with Ryder and Sheamus. Chris Jericho comes in and Jericho vs. Sheamus is announced for tonight’s main event.

* Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler defeated Christian and Santino Marella.

* Big Show quickly knocked out The Great Khali to win their match.

* Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks come out and does Ryback. They talk strategy but Ryback gets the win over Reks in a competitive match.

* Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel.

* Sheamus beat Chris Jericho in the match of the night that went over 15 minutes. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick after lots of back and forth action.

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