Spoiler on WWE Bringing Back the Punjabi Prison Match

Jinder Mahal Champion

After recent speculation on WWE bringing back the Punjabi Prison match, PWInsider reports that Randy Orton vs. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal inside the structure is being planned as the main event for the July 23rd WWE Battleground pay-per-view from Philadelphia.

WWE recently brought the Punjabi Prison structure from their company warehouse to have it cleaned up and to have the cage repaired for future use. The plans for Orton vs. Jinder have been discussed on and off over the last month but now the match is set to headline Battleground.

This will be the third Punjabi Prison match in WWE history. The Undertaker defeated Big Show in the first match at Great American Bash 2006 and Batista defeated The Great Khali at No Mercy 2007. Khali was set to wrestle in the first match with The Undertaker but he was suspended for a WWE Wellness Policy violation.

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