Speculation On A Major Match Being Discussed For Summerslam 2019

WWE Becky Lynch

Dave Meltzer is reporting via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE officials are giving serious consideration to a match between Becky Lynch and Stephanie McMahon being featured for Summerslam this year. Meltzer was clear to state that the match is “definitely not a done deal”, but that multiple sources have told him that it’s an idea on the table.

During an interview with “Digital Spy” back in 2017, Becky gushed over the prospect of being able to wrestle Stephanie, referred to the potential match-up as “an amazing opportunity”.

The WWE kicked off an anti-authority angle for Becky this week on both Raw and Smackdown. If the WWE has decided to pull the trigger on Becky v Stephanie, the seeds may have been planted this week.

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