Shane McMahon On Costing Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn The WWE Championship At Fastlane

WWE Shane McMahon

AJ Styles defended his WWE Championship tonight at WWE Fastlane in a Six-Pack Challenge against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin and John Cena. SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon was ringside for the match and wound up playing a pivotal role in the decision. Both Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens had the match won, but Shane decided to intervene during both pinfalls. After WWE Fastlane 2018 went off the air, the SmackDown Commissioner joined Renee Young and Sam Roberts on Talking Smack.

Shane claimed that he was totally provoked tonight. Renee Young stated that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan seem to constantly let their emotions get in the way of their job. Shane admitted that his emotions got the best of him tonight due to Kevin Owens accidentally Superkicking him in the face.

Renee asked where Shane draws the line on letting his emotions control his decisions. Shane McMahon stated that Daniel Bryan was correct in his assessment that he has let his emotions get in the way. Sam Roberts asked if Shane regretted his actions tonight and Shane quickly said he doesn’t know. Shane added that his adrenaline is still pumping and that he is not pleased with what happened tonight and once again brought up being kicked in the face.

Sam Roberts brought up that Kevin Owens was trying to kick Sami Zayn in the face tonight and Sami ducked, which led to Shane getting kicked in the face. Shane simply said “okay”. Roberts asked why Shane was even ringside for the match tonight but was quickly cut off by Renee Young. Renee brought up Owens attacking Vince McMahon last year and added that must have left a mark on Shane McMahon. Shane agreed that is where it all started and noted that he and Owens never liked each other. Shane said that he respected Owens’ talent but doesn’t care for him at all as a person.

Shane noted that he will never forget what Owens did to his father and that he has had this coming to him for a very long time. Shane complained about Sami Zayn interfering in the Hell in a Cell match against Kevin Owens last year, just as he was about to get his revenge on Owens. Sam Roberts asked Shane if it was time to let Daniel Bryan have more control as Shane works through these issues and Shane said that they have already tried that. Shane added that he and Daniel have a great relationship, but they don’t always see eye-to-eye. Shane once again claimed that Daniel Bryan is living vicariously through Owens and Zayn.

Shane admitted that he was happy to see neither Owens and Zayn walk away with the WWE Championship tonight. Shane claimed that he stayed out of the way tonight until he got booted in the face. Renee Young disagreed and pointed out that Shane McMahon deliberately cost both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn the chance to become WWE Champion on back to back occasions tonight. Shane once again admitted that his emotions got the better of him but claimed that he didn’t regret it at the moment. He continued to say that he might regret it later after he gets a chance to chill out and calm down.

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