Seth Rollins: Kenny Omega Is ‘Playing In The Minor Leagues’ (Video)

Kenny Omega

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins says Kenny Omega is playing in the “minor leagues” of professional wrestling.

Rollins appeared at the Fandemic Tour 2019 convention in Houston, TX on Sunday. During a Q&A panel, Rollins was asked about the possibility of wrestling against new AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega. A fan in attendance specifically asked Rollins about wrestling Omega at WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania.

On several occasions, Rollins has expressed desire to work with Omega. On Sunday, he took the opportunity to knock Kenny Omega’s home promotion, All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

“When Kenny is done playing in the minor league over there, then he can come to work at the absolute top professional wrestling company in the world in front of the most people, to make the most money and have the biggest matches which is with me at WrestleMania.”

Rollins’ remark got a big reaction from the crowd and rightfully so. He has been a staunch advocate of WWE, railing against fans critical of the promotion’s creative direction.

Rollins has also taken several digs at AEW over the past several months. In a media conference call back in July, Rollins scoffed at the idea that AEW could challenge WWE, declaring WWE will ‘knock AEW dead’ just like they do with everyone else.

You can watch Seth Rollins’ comment about Kenny Omega and AEW here, courtesy of B. Rob of the Random Ramblings podcast:
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