Salina de la Renta’s Visit to the WWE PC and Possibility of Signing with WWE

WWE Salina de la Renta
WWE Salina de la Renta

Salina de la Renta spoke with Fightful Select recently, confirming rumours that she was at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando earlier this year.

Former WWE Talent Relations head Canyon Ceman was in talks with Salina about possibly signing with the organisation, according to Salina. Ceman was fired in July of this year, putting an end to those conversations.

Salina stated she wasn’t asked to cut any promos and was instead asked to do wrestling drills, but she wasn’t a part of the company’s usual tryouts. She is now attempting to break into the production side of pro wrestling, and has lately served as a commentator.

Salina has also enrolled in Full Sail University. This week, she’ll be wrestling her friend Alicia Atout at

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