Rey & Dominik Mysterio Reveal They Tested Positive For COVID-19

Brock Lesnar Rey Mysterio and Dominic WWE Survivor Series 2019
Brock Lesnar Rey Mysterio and Dominic WWE Survivor Series 2019

Rey & Dominik Mysterio appeared recently on the Start Today podcast and revealed that they tested positive for COVID-19 in December. During the podcast, Mysterio revealed that other members of their family tested positive as well.

“It has been so confusing for me and my family to try and really understand how this works because it changes every time. My parents ended up catching COVID and we were taking care of them, so making sure they didn’t catch it, but somehow they caught it, brought it to my house, passed it on to my housekeeper, my housekeeper then passed it onto my wife. I was with my wife maybe for about 3 days, flew out to Tampa to do SmackDown. I found out that Friday morning before we walked into the arena that my housekeeper had tested positive, so I then brought it to (WWE‘s) attention.”

“Keep in mind that my daughter, Dominik and myself were around my housekeeper and my wife. My wife tested negative, my housekeeper tested positive.”

“Saturday, we fly back home in the morning. We were able to fly back because we were negative. Saturday night, I felt really sick. Woke up Sunday with a massive headache.”

They then decided to get tested on the Tuesday.

“I test positive, my wife tests positive, Dominik tests negative, Aalyah tests negative,” Rey continued.

Dominik then started to feel sick on Tuesday night and woke up the next day feeling really bad. He then tested positive on Thursday. Aalyah at this point was the only one testing negative and she took care of the rest of them.

“It was probably about a 7 (out of 10),” Rey said when asked how bad it was.

They begin talking about what happened with about 25 minutes remaining in the below podcast:

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