Randy Orton Dressed as Janitor and Attacks Legends on RAW

Randy Orton Dressed as Janitor
Randy Orton Dressed as Janitor

In more news from tonight’s post-Clash of Champions edition of RAW, McIntyre celebrated his win in the ring while Randy Orton was destroying the WWE Legends and Hall of Famers backstage.

As we’ve noted, McIntyre retained the WWE Title over Orton in the Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions on Sunday after interference from Big Show, Christian, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. Those five Legends appeared on tonight’s RAW to celebrate with Drew in the opening segment. They were the shown in backstage segments throughout the show, playing poker in their Legends Lounge. While McIntyre celebrated the main event, a mysterious janitor figure made his way to the door of the Legends Lounge and pulled out a steel chair. It was then revealed to be Orton, who put on a pair of night-vision goggles before entering the room. The Legends all paused as Orton was shown entering the room. He then put the googles over his eyes and turned the lights out. It then sounded as if Orton was massacring the Legends with the chair. He finally stopped and turned the lights back on, revealing that the Legends and the room had been destroyed.

Orton left the room and went back to pushing his janitor cart as officials rushed in the room to check on Show, Flair, Michaels and Christian.

It’s now speculated that Orton vs. McIntyre will take place at WWE Hell In a Cell on October 25, inside the Cell. Orton cut a promo on McIntyre earlier in the night warned that if he thought Clash of Champion was going through hell, then he has no idea what hell really is.

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