Possible Return of Superstars on WWE 20th Anniversary of Raw

20th Anniversary of WWE RAW

There is a lot in the works for tonight’s WWE RAW as the show celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary. There are many rumors and reports hitting the web as to what past superstars and legends may or may not appear.


Brock Lesnar:

This former WWE and UFC Heavyweight Champion signed a big money contract last year with WWE which saw Lesnar get a cushy schedule of limited dates. If WWE wants to use one of Lesnar’s expensive dates to peak interest as they get on the road to Wrestlemania, tonight would be a good night. Lesnar could likely call out Triple H and set up a rumored Summerslam rematch between the two men. Lesnar is expected to be a one of the top stars at this year’s Wresltemania, 


WWE WrestleMania 29: Possible Opponents For Brock Lesnar

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