New Hardy Boys Videos, Matt Hardy on WWE Assisting Jeff Hardy with Rehab, Jeff’s Upcoming Tour & More

WWE Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy claims that his brother Jeff Hardy is currently at his peak.

On Monday night, Matt took to Twitch to talk about his brother’s recent WWE departure and his future. As previously stated, Jeff was released from his WWE contract last week and is now subject to a 90-day non-compete clause, after which he will become a free agent on March 9th. Jeff was reportedly dismissed after declining the company’s offer of rehab. This followed the incident at the WWE live event on December 4 in Edinburg, Texas, in which Hardy became lethargic as the six-man main event progressed, then tagged out and disappeared through the crowd with security after him.

Matt stated on Twitch in an update that Jeff is doing fine and that there is no reason to be alarmed. Matt, according to Jon Alba, isn’t concerned about any concerns with Jeff right now, and that the current version of Jeff is the greatest he’s ever seen.

Matt also stated that Jeff told WWE that he didn’t need to go to rehab. Matt also stated that WWE assisted Jeff greatly with his rehabilitation in 2019, but he declined the opportunity earlier this month. Matt also stated that he does not believe Jeff need rehabilitation at this time and that he is in a good place. Matt stated that Jeff will explain everything when he is ready, and that while his main worry is Jeff’s happiness and health, Jeff is both right now — happy and healthy.

On a related topic, Jeff appeared in two “Matt Fact” videos that aired on Monday night on Matt’s Twitch and YouTube accounts. Reby Hardy recorded and edited the portions as part of Matt’s ongoing social media project.

Matt’s first “Matt Fact” clip, as seen below, discussed how he is the brains behind The Hardy Boys, sparking speculations and conjecture about a possible Matt and Jeff reunion in AEW.

“The majority of wrestling fans understand this, but in case there’s a small fraction who don’t, if you address Matt Hardy, speak about me like the legend that I am,” he continued. “Say my name reverently. I’m inside a wrestling ring, and everyone knows I’m the ring general. The Hardy Boys were created by Matt Hardy. When I said to Jeff, ‘Do the Whisper In the Wind!’ or ‘Do the Swanton Bomb!’ or ‘Do the Poetry In Motion!’ he trusted my judgement. Matt Fact – Matt was the brains behind The Hardy Boys.”

Jeff then reappeared in the background, wearing headphones. He said something that some see as a reference to his recent WWE exit.

“Sorry, man, I was listening to Wilson Phillips’ ‘Release Me,'” Jeff explained.

“Look, man, I am The Whisper In The Wind, I am The Swanton Bomb, but there is no Poetry In Motion without you,” Jeff said.

“The truth is the truth,” Matt said as his children stormed in. “You have no idea how difficult it is to be Matt Hardy.” But he has a valid point. Matt has a thing for Brother Nero.”

Matt then posted a video titled “A Conversation With Brother Nero” in which they briefly discussed Twitch, Jeff considering joining the platform, and announced an upcoming acoustic concert and meet-and-greet tour for Jeff.

“What’s up everyone watching this Twitch stream, I hope you’re having fun,” Matt said. “And I’d like to thank [Jeff] for being a part of this Matt Fact.” I’m going to start doing these and posting them on my Twitch feed, which I think you’d enjoy nowadays. Maybe it has something to do with your art, maybe it has something to do with your paintings, whatever it is, it’s really artsy. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you have some huge concerts coming up, okay?”

Jeff then revealed the dates for his acoustic concert and meet-and-greet tour. Tickets are now on sale at

  • Thursday, December 16 at Milwaukee’s Miramar Theatre
  • Bub City in Rosemont, IL, on Friday, December 17
  • Saturday, December 18th, @ Dusty Boots Saloon in Rockford, Illinois
  • On Sunday, December 19th, at XBK Live in Des Moines, IA

Jeff expressed his excitement about performing unique music and meeting new people at the performances.

We still don’t know what Jeff has planned for his pro wrestling career once he becomes a free agent from WWE in March, but we’ll keep you updated.

Matt and Jeff’s associated videos are available below:

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