Mick Foley Unveils New 24/7 Championship

WWE Mick Foley Unveils 24-7 Championship
WWE Mick Foley Unveils 24-7 Championship

During the WWE Money In The Bank pay-per-view, it was announced that a new championship belt would be introduced on Monday Night RAW by former RAW General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

The legendary pro wrestler did just that on this Monday’s episode of WWE’s flagship show. The introduction of the 24/7 Championship was presented. They had a scramble in order to crown the first champion, which was Titus O’Neil. Robert Roode would later pin him on the stage to become the second champion.

WWE 24/7 Champion Robert Roode backstage with R-Truth. Truth hides him in his trunk and sends the other Superstars in another direction. Truth helps Roode out of the trunk after they leave, and tells him to get in the back seat. A referee is waiting in the car. Truth drops Roode and covers to win the title.

When this announcement was first made, there was a wide range of speculation including WWE bringing back the Hardcore Title due to Foley being a big part of that title back in the Attitude Era. He introduced the now-defunct Hardcore Championship in 1998. The other speculation was an introduction of a Legends Title.

While it’s not the old WWE Hardcore Title, it will feature aspects of the title as it can be defended anywhere, at any time, on any brand. The original Hardcore Title had a 24/7 rule that was introduced once Crash Holly captured the strap.

This allows for title defenses and changes take place in all sorts of locations and for title changes on WWE TV and live events. WWE got rid of the title in October 2002 where it was unified into the Intercontinental Championship.

It’s no secret that WWE is looking to boost ratings and this appears to be their latest attempt to get some more eyes on their flagship show. It will be interesting to see the viewership numbers for this show as historically, post-pay-per-view shows of RAW tend to increase.

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