Matt Hardy Believes WWE Cleared Edge Only so He Wouldn’t Go to AEW, Discusses His Interactions With Sting

Matt Hardy AEW
Matt Hardy AEW

Matt Hardy recently spoke with the MCW cast about WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and how he feels WWE cleared the R-Rated superstar simply to keep him out of AEW. Highlights from the show may be found here, including Big Money recounting his contacts with the icon Sting in AEW.

Believes Edge would be in AEW had WWE not cleared him:

That was another one of those things. I believe Edge would have ended up in AEW if they [WWE] hadn’t cleared him and allowed him to wrestle. As a result, they had to say, ‘Oh. We have to let him have his way if we don’t want him to go.’

Regarding his interactions with Sting, he says:

‘I gotta tell you, they showed me the match you guys had, the Stadium Stampede,’ Sting remarked shortly after arriving at AEW. You were a different gimmick when you went into the water and when you came out. ‘Oh my God,’ says the speaker. He replied that things was fantastic and that he was just getting into it. ‘You know, I think I’m going to do some of those while I’m here,’ he said, but added, ‘You know, I feel quite decent.’ I suppose I can do a couple of regular ones as well,’ he remarked, and I replied, “Really?” I told him, “That’d be fantastic,” because his doctor had given him a clean bill of health and his neck was mending nicely. I’m just overjoyed that he’ll be able to go out on his own terms.

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