Mark Henry on Alexa Bliss Concussion Issues and Her Upcoming WWE Ring Return

Alexa Bliss Survivor Series 2018

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry appeared on Busted Open Radio earlier today and revealed that Alexa Bliss has been cleared to compete. Audio from the interview can be heard below.

The World’s Strongest Man recalled a recent backstage “come to Jesus conversation” he had with Bliss, who is now leading the RAW women’s division in the storylines.

“We sat and talked for about 15-20 minutes,” Henry recalled, “And she was like, ‘Yeah, I was really bad off. I couldn’t remember where I was, I couldn’t remember what I was doing in the city.’ We were flying from London to Switzerland and she said, ‘I couldn’t remember what flight or anything. I had to rely one everyone else telling me what to do. I couldn’t stand up straight, I had vertigo.’ She said she was in a bad way, and then she came back too soon, banged her head again, and really was in a bad place.”

Henry continued, “Now she’s fine. She’s been cleared. We are very happy she’s going to be back in the fray, and I just wanted to remind her who she was. ‘Remember who you are, don’t go back too soon if you’re not ready, and when you go back – Ronda’s great, and Nia is doing her thing, and Becky & Charlotte, but you are a major player. And remember, when you come back, be who you are.’”

Henry said Bliss did not have a set date on when she will wrestle again but she said it will be soon because she’s 100% cleared. Henry predicted Bliss could have her return match as soon as next week.

As we’ve noted, Bliss had been out of action for weeks with concussion symptoms. She returned to in-ring training at the WWE Performance Center last week.

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