Major Success for Chris Jericho’s Interview with Jon Moxley, Matt Jackson Says AEW Fan GIFs Are Safe

Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose AEW
Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose AEW

Chris Jericho’s new “Talk Is Jericho” podcast with Jon Moxley is doing big numbers. Jericho noted on Twitter that the episode became the highest-rated in the history of the show, in just 10 hours.

Jericho wrote, “HOT NEWS! The @JonMoxley interview is now the HIGHEST RATED EPISODE of @TalkIsJericho in history….and it only took 10 HOURS!”

– AEW Executive Vice President Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks took to Twitter tonight to let fans know that the promotion will not be deleting their GIFs from social media.

Matt wrote, “Your AEW GIFs are safe. Please keep making ‘em. [heart emoji]”
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