Latest On Aleister Black’s WWE Status

WWE Aleister Black

Aleister Black hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in a few months, which has caused fans to wonder what his status is. His disappearance also came at a time where his wife, Zelina Vega, was released by the company.

According to PWInsider, there are big plans in store for him. WWE made the call to purposely pull him from television so he could have a big “dramatic debut” on SmackDown. As to why that hasn’t happened just yet, there’s no word, but it’s possible the company is waiting for the right time to do so.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson stated, “I was told he was purposely pulled from television so he comes back and have a big dramatic debut for SmackDown, and it just hasn’t happened. My feeling is maybe the stuff with his wife Zelina, might have led to them saying ‘hey, let’s wait a bit, let’s the waters kind of calm.”

Black was sent from Raw to SmackDown last October during the WWE Draft. However, after dropping losses to Kevin Owens, he disappeared a few weeks later.

When Paul Heyman was still the acting Raw Executive Director, he was high on the former NXT Champion with the idea to push him as a top star on Raw a year ago. However, once Heyman was removed from this role, Black’s push stopped.

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