Latest News On Ric Flair’s WWE Return As GM of RAW

We could possibly see Ric Flair Return on WWE Raw October 29th 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The WWE Hall of Famer has been sitting on the sidelines after leaving TNA Wrestling due to a lawsuit between TNA and WWE.

Previously, Ric Flair Return WWE Raw 1000 was the initial plan but the idea was scrapped due to uncertainly over the lawsuit from TNA. The legendary wrestler is a good friend of Triple H, one of the top executive in the company who has been lobbying for his comeback.

The feeling is that Ric Flair WWE return on WWE Raw October 29th 2012 will see him involve in the storyline between AJ Lee, John Cena and Vickie Guerrero. There has been talks of making Ric Flair Raw General Manager GM due to his promo ability and popularity with the crowd.

WWE officials also feel that having Ric Flair on WWE Raw regularly will add the Star Power that is currently lacking on the program. On top of that, it is felt that his hiatus from WWE will allow Ric Flair to be fresh enough to work on the mic with new stars such as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler.

Another reason that WWE is eager to have Ric Flair come back to WWE is to be interviewed in discussions and promos for the upcoming WWE Network which will cover the era of NWA-WCW.


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