Kenny Omega Teases Another NJPW Match Against Chris Jericho

chris Jericho WIns IWGP Intercontinental Championship

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega recently spoke to NJPW1972 on a variety of subjects. One of the more interesting aspects of the interview focused on Omega’s match against Pentagon/Penta El Zero at ALL IN.

When asked about his opponent from the show Omega quipped “And that was kinda the beauty of the show that there are these we would call them diamonds in the rough where there are there talented people these stars waiting to be discovered and he’s one of them and we are happy to show that he can be not only famous in Mexico but also be famous in America, but he could be famous all over the world of course it was just a special match, but we gave a performance of even an IWGP champion defense.

Omega then moved on to the appearance of Jericho after the match. The IWGP Intercontinental Champion Jericho appeared dressed as Pentagon and hit his Codebreaker move on ‘The Cleaner.’ Omega made the comment that “It’s one of those situations where there was no story, what was the meaning? It’s one of those situations where he can’t let it go. He wants his revenge. He wants to be the winner. He somehow feels as if he is above me. But what I want him to remember that he has a responsibility as Intercontinental champion. So, we’re in different worlds but I get the feeling that somehow, somewhere we’ll meet again and of course in a tag format that will be on the Jericho cruise.”

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