Jon Moxley Talks Renee Young’s Reaction To His AEW Full Gear Match With Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley AEW Full Gear
Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley AEW Full Gear

Jon Moxley recently spoke with 101WKQX’s Kevin Kellam in Chicago where he discussed his latest match that aired on a pay-per-view presented by AEW.

He beat Kenny Omega in an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match that took place at the AEW Full Gear PPV. This contest saw them use everything from shatter glasses to barbed wire weapons.

During the show, Moxley’s wife, Renee Young, made her feelings known about the match in a series of posts on Twitter.

Moxley was asked how the conversation with Young went after the match, which he stated that she was “Over-dramatic, come on, like. it comes with the territory, you know what I mean? 

You sign the contract, we’re together forever and I will love you forever, but you’ve got to understand that if you’re one of my friends or loved ones, especially if you’re my wife, you’re going to deal with some moments where we things get a little cringey and weird.”

Moxley stated that he tends to fly close to the flame sometimes not just in wrestling but life. He makes better decisions now compared to his poor decisions in his younger days. He stated that you’re going to have their moments as it’s part of a marriage. 

“I could roll my bike down a mountain tomorrow and break my neck, you know what I mean? These things are constantly on the precipice of happening.”

Young saw his comments and reacted by writing the following:
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