Jon Moxley Talks About His Daughter Potentially Entering The Wrestling Business, On Deathmatches

Jon Moxley AEW World Champion
Jon Moxley AEW World Champion

AEW superstar Jon Moxley was the special host of his wife, Renee Paquette’s, Oral Sessions podcast days after the two announced the birth of their baby girl, who has yet to be given a name. During the episode the Purveyor Of Violence discussed the potential of his daughter entering the wrestling business, and whether he would support her decision. Highlights are below.

Says that if his daughter really wanted to enter the wrestling business he would support her:

If she was really passionate about it, then, yeah, go for it. If not, if she was just like playing around, then go play around with it. Sometimes you get into some stuff and you play around. sometimes you’re gung ho about something, I was gung ho about this, this was all I’ve ever wanted to do. I was not playing around having fun. This was not, let’s try this out, see if it works out, you know, some people come into wrestling with that attitude and then go on to make millions of dollars, then they get really good at it, you know? So it can work. But [with] me, this was my life. This was it. There’s no other anything. I would assess where her mindset was and if it was like, ‘Hey, get in there and take a bump, see how that feels.’ Then, maybe everything changes. So yeah, I mean, but if she wanted to go be a circus performer, or a math teacher, or join the Peace Corps, or be a pro wrestler or a hockey player, or ringette, we don’t have that here. But Renee might be able to teach you to play ringette whatever she wanted to do. I say, Do whatever you want to do and I would support you.

How he would react if she wanted to get into deathmatch wrestling:

I mean, it’s hard to say because this person isn’t in existence yet. So I don’t know this person. So I mean, my initial instinct is like, okay, maybe not — I wouldn’t tell her no, I would guide her. I would say if you’re gonna do something, here’s how we do it safely… So, if she ever wanted to get into wrestling, in theory, I would rather guide it and make sure it was done correctly and safely and right and for the right reasons and so forth like that. But I don’t know this person yet.

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