Jon Moxley Comments On Winning AEW World Title

Jon Moxley AEW World Champion
Jon Moxley AEW World Champion

Jon Moxley is the new AEW World Champion. He defeated Chris Jericho for the title at AEW Revolution last night from Chicago’s Wintrust Arena. Moxley spoke to reporters following last night’s event and spoke about what the win means to him.

“I’m feeling pretty f***ing about it, to be honest with you,” Moxley said when asked about his decision to come to AEW to kick off the scrum.

“That feeling of satisfaction of piece of work, that artistic satisfaction. 8 weeks of beginning to end, a piece of work. It’s like popping f***ing bubble wrap, it’s so satisfying. It’s why we do this and to be standing there in an arena full of thousands of of people and they’re so happy. They’ve been on the ride, they’ve been on the journey. It’s like a painting I can hang on my wall and always look at.”

Moxley also spoke about conversations he had a year ago discussing what the goal of AEW was to be.

“Pro-wrestling, I’m telling you it works. It’s like Mac and Cheese, it always works, it’s always good and we’ve brought that back to the people.”

Moxley also suggested during the interview that he might not want Cody to adhere to the stipulation that he can never challenge for the world title again.

“I’m not playing that game, I’m not going to live in a world where ‘oh you beat everybody except for Cody because he had the thing with MJF.’ If he feels he can beat me, he better damn sure expect to get in the ring with me and we’re going to wave the little rule.”

“If he thinks he can beat me, I insist that he give it a try.”

Moxley’s full media scrum can be viewed in the player below:

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