John Morrison On Why He Really Left WWE

John Morrison will participate on WWL

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison recently spoke to Brandon Kravitz on Open Mike on 96.9 The Game. Below are some of the highlights from his interview:

Working on Netflix’s Glow:

“GLOW was rad. First of all, it was one of the first names in wrestling I’ve had where I wasn’t using ‘John’ and one of the coolest names I’ve had, Salty ‘The Sack’ Johnson, was my name for GLOW. The whole cast and crew on GLOW was super dope; Marc Maron, Alison Brie, I also got to work with Marty Elias, the referee from Lucha Underground and Chavo Guerrero, who is getting more and more into doing a lot of stunt coordinating work in television. It was a real pleasure being on set. Jenji [Kohan], Carly [Mensch] and Liz [Flahive] the show creators and writers, really set a precedent for that show to have a really friendly tone. Everyone had a good time on set and I think it came across (to me) when I was watching the show. Me and Taya [Valkyrie] binged the entire season in two days. We loved it.”

Why he really left WWE:

“Really I left because I wanted more creative autonomy. At the end of my contract I got offered another deal to sign for another 3-5 years, and I wanted to take off to start doing some TV and film. Really, I left, ultimately to make a film like ‘Boone The Bounty Hunter’. I didn’t realize that ‘Boone The Bounty Hunter’ was the the movie I was going to put all of my time into and make when I left, but it’s why I left because I wanted to have some more control over my own time, and to be able to think about who I want to spend my time with and what I was spending time doing. I’ve been really happy knowing that everything’s worked out…”

How this is a good time to be outside of WWE:

“Wrestling is big time right now. MLW, December 7th [Never Say Never live event in Florida] is an example of another hot promotion right now that will be a really cool place for me to go work, and for fans to go see top notch wrestling. Lucha Underground season 4 was renewed, Impact Wrestling is happening. I’ve been involved in all of these new, really cool alternatives to WWE. It’s a really good time, I think, to be outside of [WWE], and like you said [WWE] has been number one for a long time, but if you’re not there, now’s the time where it’s possible to have good matches with hot crowds and have a good time as a professional wrestler with some more control over your own time.”

Quotes via WrestleZone

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