John Cena vs. Big Show at No Way Out 2012

The fallout from Over the Limit began immediately when Raw kicked off on Monday night. John Cena entered the ring and seemed to be in disbelief that he actually lost at Over the Limit to John Laurinaitis.

It did not take long before Laurinaitis showed up and brought the attention back to himself by informing everyone of the injuries that he sustained on Sunday night.

Laurinaitis stated that he was informed he might have a possible broken clavicle, damage to his knee ligaments, possible spinal injury and contusions all over his body. He went on to tell Cena that he cannot lift his left arm or left leg, which indicates potential nerve damage.

He told Cena, “But that’s okay because as I proved last night, I’m a fierce competitor. But let me remind you, when I’m outside that ring I’m a WWE executive. You or anyone else cannot lay a finger on me again. If you do you will be immediately terminated.”

The big news was revealed when Laurinaitis announced that he rehired the Big Show. He also informed Cena that Big Show would face him in four weeks at No Way Out in East Rutherford, NJ.

Big Show noted that he has an “ironclad” contract now and is proud of it. He kept asking, “How dare you?” to the crowd and Cena, and he told Cena that he is going to knock him out at No Way Out.

The Big Show heel turn is complete.

The match was all but a guarantee to take place and now it is official.

So what should we expect from the match in four weeks?

It appears that Cena needs to win this match to reclaim some validity and remain a top competitor in the WWE. It is hard to imagine Cena losing another pay-per-view match, therefore I expect him to win at No Way Out.

Perhaps there will be another WWE Superstar to interfere and cost the Big Show the victory in this one, perhaps a bit of karma for what happened Sunday night.

There are plenty of ways for this one to end at No Way Out, but this is going to be a great match no matter what.

Whether Cena takes a firm grasp of the WWE or whether the Big Show continues his assent as a great villain, it will be a match worth watching.


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