John Cena Says “Never Say Never” To The Return Of His Dr. Of Thuganomics Gimmick

John Cena The Doctor of Thuganomics’ Word life

John Cena, a WWE legend and 16-time World Champion, recently appeared on the “Pardon My Take” podcast to discuss the possibility of his Dr. Of Thuganomics gimmick returning, as well as how the positive side of the gimmick has been shown in recent years compared to the previous ten, and how the Dr. Of Thuganomics gimmick has a certain level of nostalgia all by itself.

Cena Said:

“That isn’t correct.” “You’ve actually seen more of the excellent Dr. of Thuganomics over the years than you have in the last ten years.” The appearance in the Firefly Fun House bout, as well as the appearance alongside Elias at WrestleMania. It’s almost as though that character has developed a nostalgia complex. As a result, when it appears, it’s a thing that people get excited about. As a result, never say never.”

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