John Cena Praises The Rock and Wishes for him to Return. The Rock Was Asked About WWE Return Rumors in WWE

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a former WWE Champion, recently joked about a possible WWE comeback when chatting with Entertainment Tonight to promote the Jungle Cruise film, which hits theatres and Disney+ on July 30.

The Rock is slated to appear at the Survivor Series pay-per-view in November, according to reports, in order to set up a speculated WrestleMania 38 match with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

While interviewing The Rock and his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt at the Jungle Cruise world premiere over the weekend, ET’s Matt Cohen inquired about the WWE comeback speculations.

“There’s nothing,” Rock remarked when asked if he had anything to hint about a possible WWE return.

Blunt then chimed in and joked, “It’s gonna be me and him.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna be a tag team,” Rock agreed.

“Gonna be me and him, and there’s gonna be a big fight,” Blunt added.

In a related storey, while meeting with ET’s Ash Crossan at a press junket for The Suicide Squad, John Cena was asked about The Rock’s WWE future.

“In his own universe, Dwayne Johnson is a star. “No one compares to him,” Cena stated. “No one will ever be able to compare to him. It’s fantastic for WWE and amazing for The Rock that he’s kind enough to return to WWE, which is its own worldwide entertainment phenomenon.”

“As a WWE fan, I truly hope he returns,” Cena said, adding that he didn’t want to speak for The Rock. I believe it would be unique for everyone.”

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