Jim Ross On Whether He Was Surprised Jeff Hardy Left For TNA In 2009

Jeff Hardys 20th anniversary celebration

During the latest episode of “Grilling JR”, Jim Ross commented on Jeff Hardy’s decision to leave the WWE for TNA back in 2009. Here are the highlights:

On Hardy’s Struggles:

We had several opportunities to deal with these issues with Jeff. I just think that, in looking back on it, him and Matt were two of my favorite guys. Still are. And I just believe in what they’ve done, and the hard work and the sacrifices they’ve made, and all these things … But I think Jeff just had so many interests, and maybe some habits that he probably should have managed better, honestly. But he gets burned out. And we should have, all of us should have realized that. But he was such a valuable cog in what we were doing. We all believed that Jeff was magical in singles, and thought he could be very, very special in singles. And I still think he had those legs. Whether he has it today or not is another story, but at that time, he certainly was viable to be another top main event singles guy. But you know, he just — the burnout would affect him, and he would alter his mind just a little bit. Might be drinking or whatever it may be. So it was sad. But I knew he’d be back, because it was in his blood. I just didn’t know when. And we would have a place for him when he came back without a doubt, ’cause there was too much talent, and he’s likable as hell. So it’s hard not to want to support the guy even to this very day.

On If He Was Surprised Hardy Left The WWE:

Yeah, I was surprised to some degree. Nothing really surprises me in wrestling because the — I don’t know, some of the business principles are lax. It was a money grab for Jeff. I’m sure they offered him big money by Dixie Carter and her family, and it was too good a deal to turn down. So instead of being at home and healing, and getting himself back together, he’s back on the road, back in that dangerous environment. So I wasn’t disappointed that Jeff got work, because that’s a no-brainer. And I wasn’t surprised whatsoever. I just felt like for his own good, he should be at home healing. As you said, Conrad, he had a litany of injuries. And he’s not going to change his style. So he’s gonna be still taking the sensational bumps, putting his body at risk multiple times a night, multiple nights a year. So then it becomes inevitable that at some point, the body’s gonna break down. And on the path to breaking down, we’ve gotta do things to mask the pain and relax the muscles, and all these type things. And then if you have a beer or two with that stuff, all of a sudden you’re in deep water when you don’t need to be. So I was a little surprised. Happy he got work, but not happy he wasn’t healing.

You can listen to the podcast below:

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