Jim Ross On CM Punk’s Possible In-Ring Return

CM Punk Joins WWE Backstage on FS1
CM Punk Joins WWE Backstage on FS1

CM Punk’s WWE Backstage appearance is probably the biggest news coming out of the wrestling world this week and after it, people have been discussing the possibility of him making an in-ring return sometime in future.

During the latest episode of his Grilling J.R. podcast, wrestling legend and AEW commentator Jim Ross also talked about the possibility of the former World Champion’s in-ring return.

JR first said that he would love to sit down with Punk and just talk about their friendship because anyone can ask him about an in-ring return. However, he then explained that if the former Champion does want to come back for one more match, he would build him right:

“Look, what if he just wants to do one match? Well, I would take him to do one match. I would build him right – get him back on television and build to one-match on-pay-per-view so you can maximize your investment.”

Though Ross continued by saying that while he knows that Punk would go all in if he decided to do it, he doesn’t know what the Straight Edge Star’s commitment to the business is right now.

Apart from this Jim Ross also talked about Eric Bischoff possibly joining All Elite Wrestling saying that he would be fitting for the role of a manager or a backstage agent.

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