Jim Ross and Drew McIntyre React to “WWE Champion Kenny Omega” Slip from AEW Dynamite

Jim Ross Retired

AEW announcer Jim Ross has been trending on Twitter since introducing AEW World Champion Kenny Omega as “WWE Champion Kenny Omega” before a segment on this week’s Dynamite show on TNT.

It looks like McIntyre has tweeted a response to JR’s blunder as he posted a photo of himself with the title and wrote, “The WWE World Champion, Drew McIntyre is not impressed or amused.”

JR also explained the botch and blamed it on live television.

He wrote, “Yep. Heat of battle. Live TV. My bad…,.”

AEW’s Tony Schiavone commented on the line during the AEW Dynamite Post-Show on YouTube.

“Why did he call him that? Because he made a mistake,” replied Schiavone (H/T to WrestlingInc). “And you have to keep moving forward when you make a mistake. I hope you get that. If you don’t, that’s why.”

Omega has not responded to the blunder as of this writing.

You can hear JR’s slip-up below, along with the related tweets:

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