Jeff Hardy’s License Was Suspended for 10 Years

JEFF HARDY arrested for DUI

According to Josh Nason of, AEW wrestler Jeff Hardy‘s driver’s licence was suspended for 10 years as a result of his DUI arrest in June 2022 in Volusia County, Florida.

Hardy, who had been arrested twice before for DUI, was given a sentence of 38 days in jail, but he received credit for the 38 days he had previously spent, so he did not serve any extra time behind bars. In addition, Hardy received a two-year probationary period, community service requirements, and either DUI school or a drug rehabilitation programme. Hardy must also pay court costs and fines totaling $4,586.

Hardy is said to still be suspended by AEW. So, the main concern is whether or not he truly received tests for head trauma. Hardy informed police that he was going to a “brain scan” even though he seemed to be quite drunk when he was stopped last summer.

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