‘I Was Never Really Comfortable On WWE,’ RVD says.

WWE Night of Champions 2013 RVD

This week, Rob Van Dam (RVD) came on Rene Dupree’s podcast, Cafe De Rene, to discuss his wrestling career.

During the interview, the WWE Hall Of Famer discussed how he never felt at ease in the company:

“I was never truly at ease in WWE for whatever reason.” People are astonished every time someone is dismissed now, which is insane given how frequently they’ve been doing it, but the world is always shocked, as if to say, ‘Oh my God.’ I never felt invincible, even when I was champion. They humbled me tremendously. They’d make plans, say, ‘We’re going to do this,’ and then psyche you out. It humbled me to the point where I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I’m not fired.’ That’s OK.’

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