How Chris Jericho Will Give Dolph Ziggler the Final Push

When Dolph Ziggler climbed the ladder and retrieved the Money in the Bank briefcase two weeks ago, he effectively penciled himself in for a main event push and his first real World Heavyweight Championship reign.

The following night, Ziggler targeted Chris Jericho, making note of Y2J’s lack of success since returning earlier this year. By doing so, Dolph not only remains relevant while awaiting the perfect opportunity cash in his prized contract, he also enters into a rivalry with the one man more poised to prepare him for what will come his way more than anyone else.

Chris Jericho has been to the top of the sports-entertainment world on multiple occasions, tasting heavyweight gold and starring on both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown at different points in his career. Chris has also managed to stay fresh, to continue to matter despite his position on the card.

By entering a feud with Chris Jericho, Ziggler has the opportunity to learn from one of the all-time great performers the sport has to offer. He can improve his promo skills by going word-for-word with one of the microphone’s greatest masters. He can fine-tune his in-ring abilities to fit that of a WWE main event performer, learning when to and when not to perform the big bump, in order to conserve his body and prevent an untimely injury.

The fact that Jericho is one of the great storytellers in the sport will not hurt Ziggler’s development as he prepares for his long-awaited main event push. Dolph has long been one of the best in-ring workers the company has to offer but he has lacked the ability to really get fans emotionally invested into his matches. Part of that is the creative team’s fault, the other is Ziggler’s. Working with Jericho, Dolph can learn how to do less between the ropes but still manage to get the fans to react the way he wants them to.

Jericho is absolutely the right man to give Ziggler that final push into the next stratosphere. As good as Ziggler is, as hard as he has worked and as long as he has managed to stick around over the years, he still has much to learn. Jericho, the journeyman that he is, can lead the future World Champion in the direction that Dolph wants to go.

And for the fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, that can only be a good thing.

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