FULL VIDEO — MJF Tells Tony Khan To Fire Him & Takes Shot For Paying Big Money For Ex-WWE Guys in ‘Pipe Bomb’ Promo on AEW Dynamite

MJF Tells Tony Khan To Fire Him in 'Pipe Bomb' Promo on AEW Dynamite

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made an early appearance on tonight’s edition of AEW “Dynamite” and delivered a long, emotional pitch about what happened over “Double or Nothing” weekend.

To begin, he stated that he was in a lot of agony as a result of Wardlow’s vicious beating during the pay-per-view, but it wasn’t essential because the audience only wanted to hear him speak. Friedman then pointed out that tonight’s gathering included top WarnerMedia Discovery executives, giving his statements added weight.

He added that Khan has been requesting a meeting for quite some time, but that it is now too late. Week after week in AEW, he generates remarkable moments, but he still feels unappreciated. He insists that no one else is putting out the numbers he does online and in the ratings, and that he is the one who makes the viewers feel something. MJF is expected to hit grand slams, which he does on a weekly basis; he must be flawless because he is the company’s sole survivor.

He finds it amusing that the crowd is cheering him after labelling him unprofessional and passing judgement on him from their phones all weekend. MJF tells the fans that they have no idea what they’re talking about and that their opinions are as volatile as they’ve always been. He claims that the fans, like the man in the back, Tony Khan, take him for granted.

He wonders why Tony refuses to pay the man who has been busting his ass all this time, preferring to save the money and give it to all of the “ex-WWE men who can’t lace up his God d**n boots.” Tony is asked if he would like him more if he was an ex-WWE wrestler by MJF. He believes he should not be in charge of a wrestling promotion and that he belongs behind the guard rail as a fan. He doesn’t want to finish his AEW contract in 2024; he wants Tony to fire him right now.

Before the mike is turned off and the show goes to commercial, he screams into the camera that Tony Khan is a “f**king mark.” When the show returned after break, the commentators didn’t say anything about what happened, and the AEW Twitter account didn’t publish any footage from the part.

CM Punk came down to the ring after the sequence, but MJF rolled out of the ring and disappeared into the crowd, according to fans in the building.

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