Edge Shares Funny Story Of The Time He Got Into A Fist Fight With Christian Over A Video Game

WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently appeared on the Steve Dangle podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including the time he got into a fist fight with his long-time best friend Christian over the NHL 94 video game. Hear the R-Rated Superstar’s full tale below.

Christian and I man, so we lived at 10 Hepworth Drive in Etobicoke [Ontario, Canada] and there was five of us in this little townhouse. There was a semi and just these five dudes and our big party weekend was we would have NHL ‘94 tournaments. Now, Jay [Reso], Christian is a horrible winner. He’s probably a worst winner than he is a loser which is saying something because he’s a horrible loser too but, if he won, you wouldn’t hear the end of it, like ever. So, I took the [Quebec] Nordiques because they had [Joe] Sakic and I knew I had a chance to beat him if I was playing with the Nordiques so, that was actually the only time him and I have gotten in a fist fight was over NHL ‘94 while we were going to college. So we were old enough that we should not be fist fighting over a video game, but we did and I just remember we had this little, tiny billiards table and we got up and we like flipped over it, crushed the table, broke the billiards — I mean just, that’s how serious it got.

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