Edge Hails Rey Mysterio As a Living Legend and Credits Him With Daniel Bryan’s WWE Breakthrough

WWE Edge 2020
WWE Edge 2020

Edge was a recent guest on The Kurt Angle Show, where he gave an in-depth discussion about pro wrestling and the WWE.

“The Rated-R Superstar” named Rey Mysterio a living legend and credited him with other Superstars like Daniel Bryan breaking through to the top level of the organisation during an interview on the official podcast of a fellow WWE Hall of Fame great, “The Rated-R Superstar.”

Some of the highlights from the interview are shown below.

Rey Mysterio being legend:

“Rey Mysterio receives recognition, but it’s still not the credit he deserves,” he says of his status as a legend. I believe he is underappreciated because he has been so constant for so long, and I am not sure whether he will be truly acknowledged until he retires. They’ll say, ‘But wait, there’s no Rey Mysterio on the show?’ We require Rey.’ As a writer, a company, a fan, and a colleague, I think colleagues and peers respect him the most because they actually realise and understand it. For his style and what he’s done, he’s still in there at all, let alone at the level that he’s performing at, he just finished Hell in a Cell with Roman. The term “legend” is frequently used; men, you are a legend. He’s a living legend, and one day, everyone will realise how unique Rey Mysterio is.”

On how Daniel Bryan would not have broken through if it hadn’t been for Mysterio:

“Consider all of the barriers and obstacles he’s overcome, as well as how he’s altered an industry, because I don’t believe Daniel Bryan would have made it this far without him. And there are a lot of talents like that, and I believe Rey Mysterio is the reason for it. He demonstrated that it can be done, and that people will purchase it and pay to see it.”

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