Drew McIntyre’s injury status has been updated by WWE; McIntyre is expected to be sidelined indefinitely.

Drew McIntyre

At the Day 1 PPV last night, WWE used an injury plot in which he was attacked by Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin. Following the attack, the company released a medical statement stating that McIntyre had suffered a cervical neck strain with serious contusions and would be subjected to additional testing.

McIntyre has been suffering with neck pain for at least a few weeks and will need to undergo proper testing to assess the degree of any injuries. There’s no indication on how long he’ll be out of commission, though one source indicated it’s “up in the air,” but that would depend on the results of the evaluation. As a result of the PPV attack, WWE aggressively wrote him out of storylines.

Backstage, some people said McIntyre had been working “insanely hard” despite his injury in recent weeks, sometimes wrestling multiple times per night, and that he “went down swinging” for the company. McIntyre was seen with a neck brace as he left the Day 1 PPV site.

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