‘Didn’t Think We’d Ever Be Back’: Edge On His & Christian’s Return

WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Edge and Christian Reunion
WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Edge and Christian Reunion

Edge made his return on last week’s Royal Rumble match and after a seven month absence as the #1 entrant and won the match by eliminating Randy Orton. This would mark the second time Edge would win the Royal Rumble and the only star to win the match after being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Apart from Edge, we got another surprise in the form of a returning Christian, who entered the Royal Rumble match at #24. During the match, we saw a brief reunion of Edge and Christian before the latter got eliminated by Seth Rollins after lasting over 18 minutes.

As big of a moment as it was to see Edge return and get the chance to challenge a champion of his choice at WrestleMania 37, it was equally touching to see Edge and Christian embrace in the ring.

Speaking on Christian’s return, Edge said that he was one of the few who had knowledge of his friend’s return. “I was one of the few that was privy to the fact that he got cleared a few months ago. We didn’t know he was going to be in the Rumble until Friday, though,” Edge told Sporting News. “I was in the midst of driving down to his house from North Carolina to stay for the weekend. And then we found out and we’re like “OK, well, we’ll drive over to the rumble together then.”

Edge also said that even though he already knew it was going to happen, seeing Christian walk down the ramp towards the ring was a surreal moment for him. When asked if either of them thought they would get to see this moment, Edge said: “Nope. We didn’t think we’d ever be back, period. And I think that’s what was going through my mind. Even though I knew it was going to happen, still, to see him walking down there, and for me to have been in the ring by that point for like 35 minutes, I just had to take a second.”

Edge added that it wasn’t just his character who was reacting to the moment. It was real – according to him – the fans were seeing Adam Copeland react to Jason Reso walk towards the ring. In his words, the fans were witnessing “something that he was never supposed to do again, while I’m doing something that I’m not supposed to have ever been able to do again.”

Edge also talked about the time when he got injured as he suffered a torn tricep on Backlash back in June 2020. He said that he can usually gauge when he could return to the ring, and he expected himself to be ready to be back for the Royal Rumble.

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