Daniel Bryan Says This Is His Last Run As A Full Time Superstar

WWE Daniel Bryan

On last night’s special edition of Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan discussed his mentality going into his current run as a WWE Superstar.

“I haven’t said anything about this, but in my mind, this is kind of my last run. You know what I mean? This is my last run as a full time Superstar. You can feel in even just the way I approach things and the way that my mentality is as far as my view towards younger people and that sort of stuff. And as I do this last one, my thing isn’t to prove to everybody that I’m the best. When I’m out there, I’m proving things to myself.”

Bryan competed on last night’s Friday Night Smackdown by teaming with Kevin Owens and the Street Profits to take on the team of Nakamura, Cesaro, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Following his return last week, this marks his first match since May. It was believed that Bryan took some time off during the COVID-19 pandemic as a precautionary measure for his wife’s pregnancy during the pandemic. Brie and Bryan announced the birth of their baby boy in the beginning of August. In the meantime, he’s been working behind the scenes as a consult and rumored to be pushing for younger talent to be used, which is likely what he’s referencing in the quote.

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