Cody Rhodes Reveals Why He Doesn’t Plan on Sharing Many Backstage Interactions with Sting

Sting AEW Debut
Sting AEW Debut

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Joseph Staszewski and talked more about wanting to face Sting.

Cody noted that his desire to face The Stinger in AEW is almost kind of an itch.

“To me, the cinematic matches, they really don’t have a current definition,” Rhodes said when asked if a cinematic match as opposed to a traditional match would satisfy his itch to face Sting. “I’ve seen the Stadium Stampede. I’ve seen the Boneyard [match]. I’ve seen various different ways to present cinematic.

“And really cinematic just means with different camera cuts. It can mean a lot of things, but ask me that question again in a few months because I want the opportunity to stand across from the Stinger and I think he knows that. It’s almost kind of itching at me under my skin that if there is somebody I wanted to beat, it’s the face of TNT’s hottest period and run.”

Cody also revealed that he has a reverence for both the character Sting and the man behind the gimmick, Steve Borden. He said it’s amazing when Sting asks him a question or “what do you think of this?” backstage. Cody added that he does not plan on sharing a lot of his backstage interactions with Sting “because that character is so damn magical and special.”

“I want people to think he’s just that all the time,” Rhodes said. “That’s who he is. He’s just walking around face painted, the long coat because that’s how I see him. When he walks through the back, the common area right before you get to the go position where my office is, where Tony’s office is, there is the common area and when he walks through there it changes the mood.

“Every local who might be working ‘Dark’ that night, guy who is chomping away, then when you see him he really brings this great presence. That alone is really invaluable and the fact that he’s on TV and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with I think what Sting is capable of.”

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